Sagittarius Aiolos was the Sagittarius Saint in the XX Century. He had a very feature in the history, because Sagittarius is the sign of creator of the series. With no him, the main series never

Episode G

In the Episode G, Aiolos helps Miko as her guide, but leaves she with Aiolia, his younger brother. They enter in a chamber of a ancient god, and was attackeds by servants of Apophis, but Aiolos saves them.


Aiolos and Saga, as the elderest gold saints, competed to became the pope of Athena. Aiolos was choiced, because Saga is not a reliable man, according the current pope (Shion). Saga kills the Shion and pretend to be him, to kill Saori (a baby in that time), but Aiolos saves her and saw Saga's face. Saga order Shura to kill Aiolos, and after a battle, Aiolos die, but before, give Athena and her cloth to Mitsumasa Kido.


The soul of Aiolos lived in the Sagittarius Cloth during the journey of the saints against Saga; he tested Seiya and others with traps in Sagitarius temple (in anime).

In Hades Arc, Aiolos revives and uses his arrow to destroy the Wailing Wall with the other gold saints.

Soul of Gold

Aiolos was revived by Odin in Asgard, and try get informations about his ressurgense with the Asgard leader: Andreas. Andreas defeats Aiolos with help of Yggdrasil evil barrier, and gets his gold cloth. However, Aiolos survived and goes fight with Loki. He watch his brother (Aiolia) fight against the evil god, and stay with him everytime. He helps him to give a final hit in Loki, and turns dust after.

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