Sahak was a secondary protagonist from the 1961 movie Barabbas.

Sahak had been a sailor prior to the events shown in the movie. However slaves being held on the ship he was sailing on had managed to escape. Because he was the officer on watch at the time he was held responsible. Stripped of rank he was sent to the mines located in Sicily.

Upon arriving in the mines Sahak was paired with Barabbas, a Judean man who had been sent there for assaulting a Jewish high priest. He and Barabbas lived a hellish existence in the mines, being sent to the lowest levels of the mines. At first Sahak hated Barabbas for squandering the gift he was given when he was spared, however the two became friends. Sahak weakened to the point where the Romans were about to kill him, but it was then the mines collapsed in a massive earthquake.

Barabbas and Sahak were the only two survivors of the disaster. After recovering the two were sent to work in the fields, which they both found much more agreeable. During this time Barabbas learned more about the teachings of Jesus Christ, and decided he would also follow Christ. Upon learning of how lucky Barabbas and Sahak were the prefect's wife Julia insisted on them being taken along when the prefect was recalled to the capital. While there they were both trained as gladiators under the watchful eye of Torvald.

After a series of games Torvald overheard Sahak sharing his Christian faith with other gladiators. Sahak was condemnned to death as a traitor. Barabbas was also accused of being a Christian but when confronted denied that he was one himself.

Barabbas soon took revenge on his friend and killed Torvald during the next gladiatorial games. Impressed by him the Roman Emperor Nero gave Barabbas his freedom.

After gaining his freedom Barabbas located the body of his friend Sahak. He took the body to the catacombs where the Christians were worshipping. The Christians accepted the body of their friend in order to give Sahak a proper burial but were less than pleased that Barabbas did not stand with his friend during his trial, and kept him from following them while they proceeded to bury Sahak.

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