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Heroine Overview

Sailor Neptune is one of the Outer Sailor Scouts. Her real identity is Michiru Kaiou (Michelle Kaiou in Cloverway English dub). She first appeared in the 90's adaptation of Sailor Moon S. Her attack is a water-based attack called Deep Submerge, which is like an energy orb. Michiru is also a Violinist.

In Japanese version, she was voiced by Masako Katsuki in the original series, and by Sayaka Ōhara in Sailor Moon Crystal for the Japanese verison, and the English version Lauren Landa in Viz Dub, and Barbara Radecki in CWi Dub.


Michelle Kaiou is an elegant and talented violinist and painter with family money of an age with her partner and lover, Amara Tenoh. She is able to transform into Sailor Neptune, Soldier of Ocean and Embrace. She worked alone for some time before finding her partner, Sailor Uranus. Neptune ultimately gave up her own dreams and became fully devoted to her duty as a Sailor, and is willing to make any sacrifice for it. Sailor Neptune's talisman is her Deep Aqua Mirror, which aids her intuition and reveals cloaked evil.


  • Sailor Neptune is one of the only Scout (besides Sailor Mars) who possesses exceptionally strong psychic abilities and the only Outer Scout who has such powers.
  • Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus are the only members of the Sailor Scout who's backstory of becoming a Sailor Scout had never been revealed in the manga.
  • She, along with the other Outer Scout, possess one of the Talismans needed to awaken Sailor Saturn.


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