Sailor Star Healer, Sailor Star Fighter, and Sailor Star Maker

" Penetrating the darkness of night, streaking through the atmosphere, resounding truth, we are three shooting stars! "

The Sailor Starlights are a group of Sailor Scouts who came to Earth in search of their princess, after their home planet was destroyed by Sailor Galaxia.

The Starlights consist of

  • Sailor Star Maker (Taiki Kou)
  • Sailor Star Fighter (Seiya Kou)
  • Sailor Star Healer (Yaten Kou)

Their search for their princess brings them into conflict with the senshi of Earth, specifically with the outer soldiers Sailor UranusNeptune and Pluto, who want the invaders to leave their planet and leave Serena alone. The reason they are so interested in her, specifically Star Fighter, is because Serena carries the scent of Princess Kakyuu due to an incense burner that Chibi Chibi has.

In the manga

The Sailor Starlights were searching for Princess Kakyuu, the princess of Kinmoku. They traveled the galaxy and eventually came to Earth to find their princess. Together, in their civilian forms, they created the band "Three Lights". They disguised themselves as men by wearing men's clothing in their civilian forms so it would make more sense that their songs spoke about "finding their princess", as well as to get more publicity for their band. In the manga they were portrated as females which in anime it is the opposite.

In the anime

The Sailor Starlights are more or less the same in the anime as in the manga. One big difference, however, is that they disguise themselves on Earth as biological men, and only became females when they take their Senshi forms.


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