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Hero Overview

Protected by Venus, the planet of beauty, Guardian of Love, Sailor Venus! Allow me to punish you with the power of love!
~ Sailor Venus's stock introduction

Minako Aino (Mina in the original English Dub) is the alter ego of Sailor Venus and one of the main protagonists in the Sailor Moon series.

Initially, she once went by Sailor V in the start of Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal. She is protected by Venus, the planet of beauty, and is the guardian of love. As Sailor Venus, she helps Sailor Moon and the others save the world from the bad guys.

In the original Japanese version, she was voiced by Rika Fukami and in Sailor Moon Crystal by Shizuka Itō, the latter who also voiced Female Byleth in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Fire Emblem Heroes and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

In the DIC English dub, she was voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern. In the Cloverway dub, she was voiced by Emilie-Claire Barlow. In the VIZ English dub, she was voiced by Cherami Leigh, who voiced Lucy Heartfilia in Fairy Tail, Cecily Campbell in The Sacred Blacksmith, Patricia "Patty" Thompson in Soul Eater, and Asuna Yuuki in Sword Art Online.


Anime and Manga

In both the anime and manga, Mina was shown to have both silly and serious sides. In the manga, Mina's serious side manifested more often when she was Sailor Venus (as was true for many of the Sailor Scouts), but she was still strongly devoted to her friends and her duties as a Sailor Scout. Similar to Serena, she was an academic underachiever, and would refer to Serena at times as her "make-up tests partner." She was, however, much more athletic than Serena, especially when it came to volleyball.

In the anime only, Mina was shown to be competent in speaking English (or at least more so than Raye, Lita, and Serena). This was best demonstrated in episode 108, in which she was able to converse with relative fluency in English at the party. It was possibly because of the time she spent as Sailor V in London in the anime.

In the anime, Mina was a very silly character at times, but she could be more classy, intelligent, and serious; this was especially true in the first season in general, and specifically in episodes 42, 100, and 109 (wherein she worried that she did not have a Pure Heart and tried to prove she was pure hearted in some very bizarre ways). She was also infamous for using mixed up proverbs in the anime, and sometimes referred to herself as "The Goddess of Love," a title which she used to try to solve others' love woes.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

In the live action series, Mina was notably more serious than her anime and manga counterparts. This was not surprising, because even though she presented a cheerful image for the public, Mina was constantly living a demanding double life, first as Sailor V, then as Sailor Venus. Her life as an idol meant that she was isolated from the general public, and she seemed to have no parents; the only constant people in her life were Artemis and her manager. As a result, she was more mature, lady-like, and logically minded than most girls of her own age, and found Serena rather irritating upon first meeting her (a complete contrast from their easy relationship in the manga and anime). However, on further contact, Mina warmed to Serena's friendliness and open nature (and often protected Serena from Mio Kuroki in later episodes).

She had most contact with Raye Hino, since she trained her to be the leader in her absence. Mina had high standards and was constantly challenging Raye and giving her unusual tasks. At first, Raye was both irritated and puzzled by Mina's behavior. Gradually, however, they developed respect and friendship for each other. Mina was completely dedicated to her mission and was determined to accomplish her goals. This led to her making some desperate measures, such as working with Zoisite to erase Serena's memory of Darien, and often using herself as bait. Raye and Artemis were often critical of this tendency, but when Mina made her mind up, she did not listen to anybody.

Mina's illness meant that she only had a certain amount of time in which to accomplish her goals and stop the past from repeating itself, which added more pressure to her already heavy burden. Later in the series, she began to have blackouts and her powers started to fade because of her physical condition. Despite all this, she occasionally showed flashes of a mischievous humor with Artemis, Raye, and Serena that was familiar from her manga and anime incarnations. This, together with her more girlish behaviors shown in Act Zero when she first met Artemis and became Sailor V, indicated that her original personality would have been more in line with the other incarnations, had her double burdens of special duties and fatal illness not been inflicted upon her. When the world was restored after her death, she was revived thanks to the power of the Silver Crystal. In the Special Act, she continued with her idol career and even won international awards for her work; despite this, she remained friends with the other girls.


In the musicals, Mina's character was not explored in as much depth as in the other versions, but her personality generally matched that of her anime counterpart: overly loud at times, a little obsessive, and slightly perverted. She was always true to her mission as a Sailor Scout, however, and would do what was necessary to protect her friends.


Sailor V

This was the first Sailor Scout form that Mina had ever had. This form first appeared in Codename: Sailor V. She would fight against the Dark Agency with Artemis at her aid. This form appeared in many continuations of the series.

Sailor Venus

In this form, Sailor Venus can perform many attacks including "Cresent Beam", "Crescent Beam Shower" which she gets in episode 52 (46 in the dub) in the R series. Her sailor suit has a orange collar, orange skirt, blue front bow, yellow back bow, orange ballet flats and an orange-stoned tiara. She has a long blond hair with a red ribbon on it that she is very similar to Bella from the British children's series Tweenies. In the manga and the live action, there is a chain around her waist which she uses to perform her attacks. She can also fly.

Super Sailor Venus

In this form, there are no very apparent changes to her uniform, but her yellow back bow grows longer.

Princess Venus

In the past during the Silver Millennium, she was Princess Venus. As Sailor Venus, she is one of the guardians of Princess Serenity. She dwelt in Magellan castle and wore a yellow and orange gown.


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