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Saint Walker

Saint Walker is one of the supporting characters of the Green Lantern series. He was a inhabitant of a planet ravaged by the Red Lantern Corps. He traveled to Mogo—who had promised Walker that if he sought him out, he'd retrieve him from his "blackest night"—and became a hermit, wandering the planet in search for the "saviour". Saint Walker traveled to the mountain tops of Mogo, where he was unveiled that the saviour was himself. He was bestowed with a Blue Lantern Power Ring and battery to accommodate his position as a Blue Lantern. After he had completed his journey, Saint Walker joined the Green Lantern Corps's pursuit in repressing the Red Lantern Corps.


The living saint of the Blue Lantern Corps, Walker of planet Astonia was the very first member inducted into the Corps by Ganthet and Sayd. His planet doomed by its dying sun, Walker and his family set out on a pilgrimage to a mountain summit where, it was prophesied, a messiah would appear. Due to a series of tragic accidents, all of Walker's family died, and when he finally reached the summit, Walker called out in anger that no Messiah was to be found. It was then that he looked into a reflective stone on the mountain summit and realized that he was the messiah. He returned to his distraught people and preached to them until they became peaceful in their final moments before a Blue Lantern Ring found him. Restoring his dying sun and saving his world, Saint Walker traveled to Odym to serve the Blue Lantern Corps.


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