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Sainyang & Tarnyang

Sainyang & Tarnyang

Sainyang & Tarnyang were both born in the secluded region of Shai-Fang to the north of the Continent, isolated from the outside world by steep and cloudy mountains. Sainyang and Tarnyang, the twins who are descendants of a lineage of “Anti-demon experts” (or exorcists) that has been carrying the responsibility of protecting the village for generations, left for a journey in the outside world to bring back the “Goshintai”.


Sainyang wears a white, tight short dress with long, flowing sleeves and her hair in a bun. On her legs she has white thigh-highs with golden ends, and black sandals. Tarnyang wears a red sleeveless chinese dress, with a short red jacket with open sleeves beginning at the forearm. When they were born the sisters were bound by a cord and ring called “Ryuu-Rin-Ren.” The cord has some degree of flexibility but cannot be cut (It’s said to be rare to be able to remove the ring at once).


Sainyang is very quiet and introverted, and keeps to herself mainly. Sainyang is also taciturn and can only whisper in her elder sister’s ear. On the other hand, Tarnyang is strong willed and has a cheerful personality. The twins are usually finding themselves in mischief wherever they go. The sisters will also instate a pact with a person who is able to save their lives three times, and they usually bestow a pet name for the person.


With her ritual tools, Sainyang can use arts with a mysterious power similar to magic, but she’s usually spacing out and is a weakling to the extreme so she’s not very useful in battle. Tarnyang uses a holy sword and compensates for her sisters lack of close range confrontation. Joining the younger sister’s arts and the elder sister’s athletics together, their specialty is the combined attack “Souryuu-jin”.


  • Tarnyang has a noticeable (untranslatable) chinese "accent", ending most of her sentences with "ne" or "yo".
  • The sisters (mainly Tarnyang) call Annelotte "Aneja", which is also an Arora surname, a subcaste in the Arora caste in India.
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