Saizou (サイゾウ Saizō) is NinjaBlue (ニンジャブルー NinjaBurū) of the Kakurangers. He is a descendant of Saizou Kirigakure.



At 22 years old, he's a constantly chattering, easily flattered man who thinks he's a lot smarter than he really is. Likes to help other people, making him popular among children. Somehow unlucky in most things. His way of talking is a little feminine. He corresponds to Sha Wujing.


  • Giant Beast General Blue Logan
  • Beast General Fighter Battle Logan
  • Super Stealth Beast God Logan


  • Doron Changer
  • Secret Sword Kakuremaru
  • Kakulasers / Laser Knives
  • Shinobi Knuckles
    • Blue Shot
  • Kakuranger Ball
  • Shark Slider


  • Ninja Art, Water Running
  • Ninja Art, Water Tower
  • Hidden Style: Square Formation
  • Wolf Attack


See Also

  • Cestro - Power Rangers counterpart in Alien Rangers.
  • Billy Cranston - The Ranger who piloted two out of three of Saizou's mechas.
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