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He's a kind Shinigami.
~ when Tsubasa asked about why Rinne was so poor

Sakura Mamiya is the main female protagonist of Rin-ne. She is main love interest of Rinne Rokudō.

She is voiced by Marina Inoue who also voices Armin Arlert, Yoko Littner, Tagiru Akashi, Elle and Momo Yaoyorozu.


Sakura has dark olive brown hair tied into two braids and is of average height for a Japanese female. Her eye color varies from brown to bluish-grey in the colored panels of the manga, but is brown in the animated CM and violet in the official anime. She is usually seen wearing her blue school uniform, a steel blue blazer over a white dress shirt, a red string tie, a pleated cerulean skirt, black kneesocks and brown loafers. Also, when her hair is down, it is shown to be wavy due to her braids.


She is a very calm girl, but does not hesitate to scold Rinne Rokudō or others if she thinks they're creating problems for her friends or when she believes they've gone too far. Also, she tends to let herself get into the mood of things, once coming into a line of old men and women's souls who had lived their lives to the fullest and almost getting onto the Wheel of Reincarnation until Rinne rescued her, and also the time when she found herself going on a date with Tsubasa Jūmonji. It is also apparent that unlike most people, Sakura doesn't seem to get scared easily.

Even though she's calm and collected, Sakura does have a jealous side that rarely makes an appearance. When she is jealous, she acts slightly colder toward Rinne, giving him long stares with a completely straight face. She tends to sound disappointed as well.


She was spirited away to the world as a little girl, although she came back with the help of a Shinigami named Tamako. Tamako buy candy for Sakura which grants Sakura to see spirits.


  • She looks similar to both Kikyo and Kagome Higurashi from Inuyasha.
  • She also resembles Shoko from The Diet Goddess.
  • Her behavior is also similar to Kasumi from Ranma ½.
  • To date, Sakura is the most calm and laid-back of Rumiko Takahashi's female protagonists, even more so than Kagome. While she doesn't hesitate to scold Rinne at times, she is a lot less prone to angry bursts of rage or violence.


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