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Sakura Minamoto (源 さ く ら) is the main protagonist of Zombie Land Saga. Before becoming a zombie, she was an ordinary girl who faced various misfortunes due to her bad luck and physical and mental exertion. She died in 2008 when she was hit by a truck on her way to an idol audition earlier than usual.

She wakes up without knowing who she is and what she does in the group but blindly follows Kotaro's orders to be able to retrieve the memories of her. She is also a member and center of the idol group Franchouchou, Untitled legendary as of yet, she is known as the 'Number 1' (1 号 Ichi-gō ).

She was voiced by Kaede Hondo in Japanese and Brina Palencia in English.


Sakura is a high school student and aspiring idol from Karatsu who got fatally hit by a truck at the start of her second year in 2008. She is the first zombie to regain her faculties, but is also the only one who can't remember anything about when she was alive. She's something of a klutz and a pushover, but does her damnedest to make the best of her situation.


Sakura has straight, dark rose-pink hair with a section of it brought up with a blue and pink bow and some hanging over her shoulders. Her bangs are brushed to the left side, and she has blue eyes. Sakura, like the other zombies, has greyish-blue skin and red eyes. She also has a large scar across her face.

In her casual human form, Sakura still sports what would have been her school uniform: a navy-blue and white dress, white socks, and brown school-shoes. As an Idol, she wears a pale pink top with "1" written on it, along with two hearts. Sakura also wears a hot pink skirt with white frills.


Sakura is shown to be an energetic girl when she was still alive. However, that spirit seemed to turn into confusion, worry, and slight fear after she regains her consciousness as a zombie. However, she becomes very passionate whenever she is singing as an Idol.

When she regains her memories of her life but loses her memories of her Zombification, Sakura becomes very defeatist and detached due to the failures she kept facing in life no matter how hard she tried. After she regained all of her memories and with the encouragement from her friends she regains her confidence and love of performing.