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Sakura Yae is one of the main characters from the video game, Honkai Impact 3rd. She was the priestess of the Yae village and one of the victims of the Honkai.

She was voiced by Ayane Sakura.


In her childhood days, Yae Rin was murdered by her father just so she can take the duty of a miko without interference, according to supplementary material, The denizens of Yae village were rather unpleasant individuals who constantly berated her, however she held herself up.

Encounter with Kallen Kaslana

During one day, Close to a river, She found a bloody and injured young girl, After helping her to recover she explained that her name was Kallen Kaslana and was trying to protected a box containing the essence of a Honkai, Sakura and Kallen spend time talk about the situation, When Sakura was trying to return the box to Kallen the essence of a Honkai beast trying to possess her, Kallen witnessing the situation tried to fight against the demon Honkai with little avail.

The Honkai monster acquiered the form of a Fox called erosion and tried to manipulate Sakura. However, Kallen activated a special device that subdued the monster.

Sakura Samsara

The events of this place her, After she in the Honkai beast battle one-on-one which Sakura could finally defeat and imprisoned the Monster and return with her loved one to the present.


Sakura is rather sympathetic yet troubled individual, In many interactions with Kallen is clear that they have romantic feeling towards each other, During her possession, the Honkai beast tried to manipulated her feelings, It was not until Kallen and later Kiana intervention when she can finally been free form her influence, been the calm and copassionated person she was.

According to Kallen, Sakura was rather timid and shy, When talking with other people due to the upbringing of living under extremely difficult place she lived.


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