Sal is a supporting character from Modern Family.

She is portrayed by Elizabeth Banks.


Sal is one of Mitchell and Cameron's closest friends. She is flamboyant, wild, and loves to drink. It is frequently noted that she despises Mitchell and Cameron's daughter Lily mainly because the couple started to spend less time with Sal after they adopted her. Cameron says that they basically cared for Sal like a daughter, doing everything but potty-train her ("Great Expectations").

She gets married in 2013 to a guy named Tony, whom she met three months prior, and Cam and Mitch served as best men. Sal would later divorce Tony and date another guy named Eddie.

When Cam and Mitch were planning to get married, Sal unknowingly assigned herself to officiate the wedding ("The Wedding (Part 1)"). However, during the ceremony, Sal who was heavily pregnant at the time had to be rushed to the hospital after her water broke, leaving Phil to continue officiating the wedding ("The Wedding (Part 2)"). It was later revealed that the father of her child is a hockey player for the Chicago Blackhawks, who is married.

Although Sal was quite the party girl in her earlier episodes, she returns in Season 6 as a single mother who is genuinely trying (albeit struggling) to clean up her act. However in Season 8, Sal is seen to still be a bit of a party girl.


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