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Salem Saberhagen is a warlock who used to be a human being but was turned into a cat by the Witch's council due to some trouble he got himself in (World domination). He now resides in Greendale with the Spellman family.

When Sabrina has a problem and wants to fix it with magic, Salem often encourages her, or even supplies her with a magical object to help her fix her problem, which usually makes things worse for Sabrina. For example, in "Anywhere But Here," Salem gave Sabrina the watch that she uses to fast-forward herself to adulthood. In "No Time To Be A Hero," he gives her an hourglass that allows her to go back in time.

Nonetheless, he has a great big heart and cares for Sabrina.

Portrayed by Nicky Bakay, Louis Chirillo (Friends Forever)                                                                                                                 and Maurice LaMarche (Sabrina's Secret Life).


  • His relationship with Sabrina is similar to Ms. Frizzle and Liz on The Magic School Bus.
  • In the original animated series, he's voiced by Nick Bakay, who respectively played him in the original live action series.
  • In the Japanese dub, he was voiced by Sosuke Komori.


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