The dog?! You were named after the dog?! Hahahaha!
~ Sallah

Sallah is a close friend and comic sidekick to Indiana Jones. He appears in the first film Raiders of the Lost Ark as the tritagonist and in the third film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade as one of the two tritagonists. He is married with several children and a professional digger in Cairo, Egypt. He is portrayed by British actor, John Rhys-Davies.

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Sallah is introduced as an old friend of Indiana Jones who takes him and his friend Marion Ravenwood in when they travel to Cairo. Jones learned that the Nazi's hired Sallah to partake in digging up the Ark of the Covenant. Sallah brings him to a psychic who tells him that the Nazi's are digging in the wrong place. Sallah shows Indy the map room where he finds the real location of the Ark and the two secretly dig for it during the night. They find the Well of Souls and the Ark deep inside. They bring up the ark first and when Sallah climbs up, he is captured by the Nazi's and painfully watches Indy and Marion get trapped inside. When they escape, Sallah is overjoyed and tries to get transportation for his friends and the ark. He finds a boat for them and asks the captain for his hospitality to them. They say farewell to Sallah and Marion gives him a goodbye kiss. Sallah joyfully sings "A British Tar" and waves goodbye.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Sallah returns in the third film as sort of a comic sidekick. Indy contacts Sallah to meet up with Marcus Brody in Iskenderun, and escort him to the location of the Holy Grail. The Nazi's confront the duo and though Sallah fights them off, Marcus unintentionally ends up in a Nazi truck and is captured. Sallah picks up Indy and his father, Henry Jones Sr. and the three set out to rescue Marcus. They succeed and also kill several Nazi's as well. Sallah joins his friends to the Grail site and are captured. When Jones Sr. is shot, Sallah tends to his wounds and tries to keep him alive while Indy retrieves the Grail. Several Hatay soldiers run away in terror but Sallah holds the Nazis at gunpoint and force them to drop their weapons. The four men succeed in their quest and journey off into the sunset but not before learning that Indiana got his nickname from his old dog and found it hilarious.


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