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Heroine Overview

One of these days you'll learn that speed is no substitute for common sense!
~ Sally Acorn

Princess Sally Acorn is a character from Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. She is the tritagonist of the Saturday morning version of Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM), and one of the main protagonists in the long-running Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. She is a teenage anthropomorphic chipmunk with red hair, blue eyes, and light brown/tan fur. She was voiced by Kath Soucie, who also played Tillie in the The Little Blue Engine who Could, Phil and Lil in Rugrats and one of the voices of Daisy Duck in Quack Pack and the late Dana Hill as a child, who had also voiced Jerry Mouse in Tom & Jerry: The Movie and Max Goof in Goof Troop and Tabitha St. Germain in Sonic's Christmas Blast.


In the 1993 animated series, Sally is an anthropomorphic chipmunk with brown fur and tan fur around the front of her abdomen, muzzle and eyes. She also has blue eyes and voluminous auburn hair. For footwear, she wears tall blue boots. Later on in Season 2, she began wearing a blue sleeveless vest. Sometimes, she also carries a backpack. She was pink in the pilot Heads and Tails.

In Sonic's Christmas Blast, Sally was pink and had auburn hair. For footwear, she wore her boots.

In her reboot, her clothes consist of black shorts with white rimming, dark blue boots with white outlines on the buckles, and white gloves with her Ring-Blades. She wears a closed blue vest with a black crop-top hidden underneath. Her tan-colored underbelly can be seen in the her midriff. A red stripe runs from her hair and down her back to the tip of her tail.


Sally is strong-willed and always makes her opinions known. She is often logical and focused with a playful side and prefers to plan ahead in almost all situations. She often takes the role of a leader, directing and organizing people and also mediating and offering suggestions or compromises during tough situations.

Despite being sort of royalty, Sally, never hesitates to get into rough or messy situations when necessary and acts as a fighter rather than dressing or acting regally.

Sally is kind but also headstrong and tends to put too much pressure on herself to have the most levelheaded reaction. She can be somewhat insecure at times and allow her self doubts to overcome her in the face of a failed situation and a perceived inability.

Sally's views her position as the princess of the Acorn Kingdom as one that requires great duty. She strives to lead her peoples, and love and care for them in the best way she can. She is very caring as well and shows passion, bravery and determination, often remaining undeterred by setbacks, and goes out of her way to make sure her friends are safe and happy. While inwardly compassionate, she can often come off as confrontational, overbearing, hard, sardonic and condescending when stifled enough. However, when openly emotional, she is shown to be very protective of her friends, worrying about their well being in the field.


The crown princess of the Kingdom of Acorn, Sally became a fugitive after her father, King Maximilian Acorn, was usurped by the villainous Dr. Ivo Robotnik (later replaced by Dr. Eggman in the comics). While in exile, she formed a rebel group called the "Freedom Fighters", which, with the exception of Sonic and Tails, initially consisted of SatAM-exclusive characters (including herself). However, the Archie comics also have Team Rose (Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit, and Big the Cat, plus the latter two's pets Cheese and Froggy) join them eventually, with Knuckles and Team Dark (Shadow, Rouge, and E-123 Omega) as major occasional allies. Even after dethroning Doctor Robotnik/Eggman, she decides to keep leading the Freedom Fighters until the time comes for her to take the throne.

Along with Robotnik, his forces, and mercenaries he occasionally hires to do his dirty work, Sally and her friends also contend with other villains, such as the evil wizard Naugus. With Sonic by her side and she herself in the lead, the Freedom Fighters always succeed despite their adversaries' best efforts. Although Sally and Sonic have had romantic feelings for each other, they never truly acted on it and Sally has always taken her role as princess and Freedom Fighter very seriously, in contrast to Sonic's carefree attitude. Despite this, Sally, ever the tomboy, can sometimes be as stubborn and reckless as her speedy blue boyfriend. While she isn't a game original character, Sally is very popular among fans of the series, who never cease to ship her and Sonic.

Despite Sonic disobeying Sally's orders, they still care for each other and are both willing to risk their lives to save each other. However in the comics' Post-Super Genesis Wave continuity, Sonic and Sally are no longer (and have never been) in a romantic relationship due to a mandate put in place by SEGA, although they still retain a strong friendship with each other and are considered to be close friends.

Powers and Abilities

Combatant: While her physical strength was average at best, Sally proved herself to be very agile and capable of acrobatic maneuvers. She is also proficient in basic combat, use of weaponry and martial arts, possessing high reflexes and abilities for self-defense.

Leadership: Sally is a natural leader and tactician, serving as the strategist and organizer of the Freedom Fighters. Her demonstrations of this include, coordinating her team's evacuation efforts of Station Square with effective results. She is logically minded, but has experienced enough that she readily accepts the mystical forces she encounters. However, her thought process does have disadvantages, such as limiting her physical abilities in the Digital World to what she is capable of in the real world.

Ring-blades: Sally wears a pair of bracelets around her gloves called the Ring-Blades which can project energy blades. These blades have been shown to be durable enough to withstand direct strikes Metal Sonic's claws, and to cut through highly solid substances such as metal alloys. Sally wields these energy blades with great proficiency in battle; in the Digital World, she could also conceive of them in other shapes such as a shield and sword. She was inspired to make these via her memories of the Pre-Super Genesis Wave timeline and when she was Mecha Sally in that timeline, a Roboticized version of herself loyal only to Eggman.


Sonic Christmas Blast

For over a year, Sally had been Sonic's girlfriend. One year before the events of "Sonic Christmas Blast", she and Sonic agreed not to give each other presents for Christmas. Despite their agreement, Sally still gave Sonic the Ring of Ultimate Velocity among other things. Sally became angered when she discovered that Sonic did not get her any presents.

One year later, on Christmas, Sally and Sonic agreed to once again not give each other presents. Before Sally could say anything else, however, Sonic took off with Tails. On Christmas morning, Sally was waiting when Sonic arrived, having just saved Christmas with the Ring of Ultimate Velocity. Sally was then buried in the presents and Sonic explained that despite their promise, the ring she gave him came in handy. As Sally resurfaced, she received a kiss from Sonic before he took off.


In the 1993 animated series, Sally, Sonic, and the rest of the Knothole Freedom Fighters band together to overthrow the evil Dr. Robotnik. In the beginning the animated series, she originally had pink fur and brown hair. Sally and her team were getting ready for another battle against Dr. Robotnik's forces. She (along with Sonic) and the Freedom Fighters defeated Robotnik's robot army by getting them soaked with water balloons which shorted them out and caused the robots to blow up.

After she was given her redesign she would sport for the rest of the series before its cancellation after two seasons, the Freedom Fighters continued to deal with any threats Robotnik made towards Mobius, such as his plan to unleash acid rain from an airship that would seed the clouds with the necessary toxins, which Sonic nearly let happen due to being caught up in a nightmare of Sally being Roboticized and he was unable to help her. At one point, Sally was able to complete the Freedom Fighters' De-Roboticizer and tested it on Bunnie Rabbot, restoring her left arm and legs back to their organic state. Sonic, not waiting to see if the effects were permanent or temporary, then saw to trying to restore his Uncle Chuck back to his organic state, but the De-Roboticizer broke down midway through, and Sonic had to get the replacement parts from Robotnik's own Roboticizer. Once Uncle Chuck was restored to his organic state, he and Sonic were able to spend some time together, and also work on the De-Roboticizer. Unfortunately, as Sally is discussing with Bunnie their first target in Robotropolis for De-Roboticization of the Robians, Bunnie keels over and her left arm and legs revert back to their Roboticized state, causing Sally to realize that Uncle Chuck would revert as well, which he does soon after, capturing Tails and Antoine, destroying the De-Roboticizer, and then setting up a Mega Muck trap for Sonic while he took Tails and Antoine back to Robotropolis for Roboticization. However, after Sally, Bunnie, and Dulcy the Dragon free Sonic, he's able to reach his uncle, and help Chuck fight off Robotnik's influence, allowing him to regain his free will, but maintain his Robian state to serve as a spy for the Freedom Fighters, gathering intel to help them fight Robotnik while making it look like he was still loyal to Robotnik in the process. Sally assures Sonic later that while things did not work out like they had hoped, with Uncle Chuck now serving as their inside man in Robotnik's forces, things are looking up for the Freedom Fighters.

Finally, Robotnik is preparing to finish construction of his Project Doomsday, and thanks to Uncle Chuck's intel, the Freedom Fighters attempt to sabotage the fuel tankers heading there from Robotropolis, but while Sonic lured away most of the SWAT-Bot escorts, Robotnik catches wind and orders Snively to send them back to protect the convoy. Sally, Bunnie, and Antoine are nearly captured until Sonic arrives and helps them escape. Later, when attempting to evac Uncle Chuck, fearing his cover was compromised, Sally and Bunnie use a Hover Unit that Rotor worked on to do so, but Uncle Chuck is shown to have been prepared if his hideout was discovered, having built a second one and a Tech-Bot disguise to maintain his espionage detail. Nevertheless, Sally and her Freedom Fighters are unable to prevent Project Doomsday from being completed, and Robotnik soon brings it fully online to complete his takeover of Mobius. Having alerted Lupe the Wolf, Ari the Ram, and the other Freedom Fighter leaders of the situation, Sally then has Nicole analyze Project Doomsday, and learns that it can release hundreds of Doomsday Pods every hour, meaning all of Mobius will be under Robotnik's iron fist within 24 hours if Project Doomsday is not stopped. Once Lupe, Ari, Pollo and Dirk arrive, they analyze Project Doomsday's schematics, and realizing a straight assault is not going to work with the heavy SWAT-Bot security, they opt to use Plan "B", dropping hundreds of decoys to confuse the SWAT-Bots while the Freedom Fighters infiltrate the structure to take out its core. However, Lupe, Ari, Pollo and Dirk are captured by SWAT-Bots, and Sonic decides to have Sally, Bunnie, and Antoine withdraw back to safety to regroup with Uncle Chuck, Tails, and Dulcy, while he and Nicole try to take out the core themselves. When Sonic returns later, he reports that his efforts to take out Project Doomsday's core failed due to Robotnik having placed it in diamond-reinforced glass. When Uncle Chuck then suggests using the Deep Power Stones to destroy Project Doomsday, Sonic heads back to Robotropolis to retrieve Robotnik's piece he kept in his headquarters now that the city is devoid of Robians and SWAT-Bots as they are all at Project Doomsday. Once Sonic recovers it, he and Sally head back to deal with Project Doomsday. When Sonic argues about going it alone, Sally silences him, reminding him that they are doing this together, and in it to the end. Convinced, Sonic carries her as he burrows back into the core room, at which point, as they prepare to use the Deep Power Stones, they get the idea to put them together the other way, which Nicole confirms would give Sonic and Sally the power equal to 10,000 Power Rings. As they are surrounded by SWAT-Bots, demanding they surrender and turn over the Deep Power Stones to them, Sonic and Sally combine the Deep Power Stones, and the power granted to them allows them to being tearing Project Doomsday apart. Robotnik attempts to flee, but appears to be caught in the destruction of his ultimate plan, while Snively escapes underground in an elevator pod, and the other Freedom Fighters that were captured escape in a spare Hover Unit, while every SWAT-Bot, Tech-Bot, Robian, and Mobian at the facility flee themselves. By the time Sonic and Sally regroup on a nearby hillside, Project Doomsday has been completed wiped from the face of Mobius forever, and Sally attempts to give Sonic a kiss after exchanging a Deep Power Stone charged high-five, but he retreats before she can while she flies after him as they return to Knothole.

Back at Knothole, as everyone celebrates their victory, Sonic and Sally share a kiss that the Deep Power Stones set off fireworks to as everyone continues to celebrate. Unknown to anyone, Snively survived Project Doomsday's destruction, and is preparing his own plans to fight the Freedom Fighters, supported by Naugus.

Unfortunately, the series was cancelled before a third season could be produced, ending with Sonic and Sally sharing a kiss together, showing a blossoming romance between them.

Sonic the Comic

In the UK Fleetway Sonic comics, Sally is a squirrel and a news anchor rather than a princess.


Pre-Super Genesis Wave

Sally led the Freedom Fighters against their never-ending war with Robotnik/Eggman. However, as time wore on, Eggman and Snively unleashed the Death Egg Mk. II, armed with a deadly doomsday device. Wondering what it could be, Sonic and Sally infiltrated the Death Egg Mk. II shortly after exchanging what would unknowingly be at the time their last kiss together, but when Sonic was distracted facing the latest model of Silver Sonic, Sally tried to go on alone, but was caught off-guard by a wall turret that ambushed her and, tragically, gunned her down. Hearing the gunfire, a horrified Sonic rushed to Sally's aid, but discovered her fate moments before Eggman activated the Genesis Wave as part of Operation Clean Sweep, engulfing everything on Mobius in a white light as Sonic screamed out Sally's name upon seeing her lifeless body and shattered goggles.

In the alternate timeline created by the Genesis Wave, memories of the original timeline had been erased, including those of Sally and the other Freedom Fighters. Nevertheless, Sonic rescued them and helped fight Eggman's forces until boarding the Death Egg Mk. II and noticing the temporal storms raging across Mobius as the planet, and the Prime Zone, tried to reset to the original timeline. Using the Chaos energy from the Chaos Emeralds now powering the Death Egg Mk. II, Super Sonic is able to defeat Eggman and revert the Genesis Wave using Chaos Control, resetting time back to 10 seconds before the Genesis Wave was originally triggered.

This gave Sonic the chance to save Sally from her grim fate by the wall turret now that he knew of future events, leaving Silver Sonic to take the bullet instead, but upon discovering that Eggman's doomsday weapon is a Roboticizer powerful enough to Roboticize all of Mobius, when it is learned that half of Mobius' population is still permanently immune to Roboticization thanks to the Bem, Eggman reveals that those immune will still be slaughtered as the World Roboticizer has a secondary power to cause all electronic equipment to short-circuit and explode, including the likes of the nanites that built New Mobotropolis and Nicole, putting Station Square, the United Federation, G.U.N., and even Bunnie with her cybernetic limbs at life-threatening risk. Worse, despite reminding Eggman that if the World Roboticizer fires, he'll lose his Dark Egg Legion as well, Eggman doesn't care, willing to sacrifice his own robotic or Roboticized minions to attain ultimate victory since he can rebuild his ranks with his new, freshly Roboticized forces.

While Sonic deals with a still-functioning Silver Sonic and the latest version of Metal Sonic, Sally heads down to the World Roboticizer, but with time short and no other options available to try and shut it down or disable it due to the heavy security Eggman placed on the World Roboticizer's mainframe, Sally decides to make a heroic sacrifice of her second chance at life and has Nicole redirect the beam back at that very room, meaning that, while Mobius will be spared at large, Sally herself will be Roboticized with no chance of being restored to flesh and blood later. After having Nicole back herself up on the mainframe in New Mobotropolis below and leave her with Nicole's handheld and a manual trigger, Sally chokes back her tears, thinking one last time of a kiss she shared with Sonic, as she says goodbye and activates the trigger just as Eggman orders the World Roboticizer fired. When the dust clears, the World Roboticizer is destroyed, Mobius is safe, and the Death Egg Mk. II is heavily damaged, but Sonic soon discovers, to his horror and Eggman's triumph, Sally is now Mecha Sally, with only one thing on her Robian mind: "Hedgehog Priority One".

After Sonic is ejected from the heavily-damaged Death Egg Mk. II after failing to break through the Roboticization of Princess Sally Acorn following her heroic sacrifice of her free will and flesh and blood body to stop the World Roboticizer, Mecha Sally becomes one of Eggman's top enforcers as he intends to turn her against her fellow Freedom Fighters, having realized that Sally was the key to Sonic's victories against him due to her strategies and planning, as in while Sonic was the WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction), Sally was the one who aimed him. Now he intended to use that against Sonic and the other Freedom Fighters, using their love and friendship with Sally against them as they would be unwilling to fight her because of their relationships with her. After spending some time and effort, despite his own injuries from the World Roboticizer's destruction, upgrading and streamlining Mecha Sally into his best weapon and general of his Dark Egg Legion to serve him with no chance of her ever getting her free will back and being turned into Sally Acorn again, he sends her after the Freedom Fighters during his next encounter with them. This leaves the rest of the Freedom Fighters horrified when she is unleashed against them alongside Metal Sonic, and with Bunnie unable to help after being restored to full flesh and blood by Ixis Naugus as a reward for her help saving New Mobotropolis from Eggman's backup plan regarding Titan Metal Sonic and the Death Egg Mk. II's Egg Annihilator Beam, Metal Sonic kamikazes itself to critically wound Antoine, putting him in the hospital, and forcing Bunnie to leave the Freedom Fighters, presumably to have her cybernetics restored via her Uncle Beauregard. This leads to where Eggman teams up with Doctor Wily of the Mega Man universe to attempt another Genesis Wave, while the Freedom Fighters become splintered between two new factions: Team Fighters and Team Freedom.

In the meantime, Mecha Sally continues to serve Eggman without question, even suggesting plans to try and drive some of the opposition against each other in civil war, such as regarding the uneasy peace between Lupe the Wolf's Wolf Pack and their neighbors, impressing Eggman by how difficult fighting the Freedom Fighters was while Sally was still on their side and flesh and blood. This also included the likes of G.U.N. and the United Federation when they tried to fight Eggman as well, only to also find their plans thwarted thanks to Mecha Sally having full knowledge of their tactics.

Finally, as Eggman and Wily prepare to launch the second Genesis Wave, Mecha Sally had cornered Sonic and Amy and was about to terminate them, when she is disabled from behind by Silver the Hedgehog, now realizing that Sally is the "traitor" that destroyed his future, but against her will. Before further can be done, such as figuring out how to revert Sally back to her flesh and blood self from Mecha Sally, everyone is swept up in the second Genesis Wave, and then there was the matter of the Super Genesis Wave that Eggman and Wily attempt to unleash to rewrite both their realities to their liking. However, Eggman and Wily are defeated by Super Sonic and Mega Man, who attempt a Chaos Control to undo the damage, only for a spiteful Eggman to interrupt Super Sonic during his attempt while Mega Man succeeded without interruption, resulting in a catastrophic rewriting of the Prime Zone's history that would prove cataclysmic to Mobius as the multiverse collapses and reboots.

Post-Super Genesis Wave

Following the Super Genesis Wave and Super Sonic's attempts to reverse it being corrupted by Eggman's intervention, Sally is restored to her flesh and blood self, but only when she and Amy make contact with Nicole's handheld does Sally remember everything from the Pre-Super Genesis Wave universe, leaving her traumatized upon learning of the evil acts she committed as Mecha Sally, which she is comforted on by Bunnie due to Bunnie's own trauma after learning of her own Pre-Super Genesis Wave past and how she will have her cybernetic limbs permanently. Nevertheless, Sally uses the experience to create similar weapons that her Roboticized self used in battle to use against the Eggman Empire in the Post-Super Genesis Wave world. However, the planet had been overtaxed by all the excess energy from the rewriting of the Prime Zone and multiverse, and broke apart, triggering the Shattered World Crisis, which followed the events of Sonic Unleashed. The Freedom Fighters found themselves working overtime to aid G.U.N. and other allies with the chaos that erupted from the planet breaking apart, along with Eggman's forces, those of Dark Gaia when the sun sets, and recovering the Chaos Emeralds to help restore the planet at the Gaia Temples. During one attempt to recover a Chaos Emerald from one of the Egg Army commanders in Thunderbolt, Sally is lured into a trap alongside Amy Rose and a couple of other allies, causing Sonic to suffer his first transformation into his Werehog state from the stress of the situation finally triggering the full transformation. After Sally is able to help calm him down until he reverts back at sunrise, Sonic, not wanting to put the Freedom Fighters at risk until he has better control of his Werehog powers, leaves them to train with Moss. With Sonic gone, Sally works overtime to recover the rest of the Chaos Emeralds with the rest of the Freedom Fighters, until Sonic returns, now with better control of his Werehog form. Soon, Eggman manages to awaken Dark Gaia, and Chip, who is the manifestation of Light Gaia, summons the Gaia Colossus to face it. In the meantime, Sally is summoned back to learn that Nicole's handheld has been destroyed from overuse of a Red Star Ring to turn Nicole into Overclocked Nicole when dealing with Phage in the Sky Patrol's systems. However, she had backed herself up onto the Sky Patrol's mainframe, doing her best to keep it airborne against Phage. Once Perfect Dark Gaia is defeated by Super Sonic and the Gaia Colossus, Sally is able to breathe a sigh of relief as she and the rest of the Freedom Fighters enjoy the sunrise with the Shattered World Crisis finally over.


  • Sally's first and only appearance in The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog was the Christmas Special Sonic Christmas Blast.
  • Apparently, Sally was going to make another return later on in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, but the idea never happened.
  • Her only game appearance is Sonic Spinball, where she appears in a cameo. However, many fan-made mods have been created to play as her.
  • Because of the lawsuits with Ken Penders and the conflicts with Archie comics Sega had reshape the universe in the Sonic comics because of these changes Sally and all the cartoon characters had to match with the design of the characters from the video games.
    • Also because of the legal problems that were happening with the Sonic comics Sega had to make some changes that ended the love relationship with Sally and Sonic, along with Sonic's other allies because of this, the characters can only be friends and can no longer have love relationships with their friends.
  • Ian Flynn confirmed in a Q&A that Sally is a poor cook as indicated in Sonic Universe #71, and when preparing food for herself usually makes salad with nuts.


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