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Once they lost the maisture farm, Sally's siblings spread out through the Outskirts, leaving her to fend for herself. This farm girl's both stubborn and trigger happy.
~ Sally's biography.

Sally Bolt is a playable character in the SteamWorld series.


SteamWorld Heist

Sally Bolt and her family ran a farm until most of them left, leaving her look after it until the Royalsits could not accespt her contaminated water and so she went onto a life of bounty hunting.

Sally Bolt was first seen at a bar and would be able to join Piper Faraday and Seabrass on their adventures after gaining a reputation. She aided the two on a few missions possably after the the crew became a bit more bigger.

She will also add commentary about the crew's current situation, wheather it is about the mission or a boss fight.

Sally was also seen at the end in the radio drama that was explaining what might happen to Piper's crew after they defeated the Vectron hivemind.

Powers and Abilities

Combat: Sally Bolt knows how to use any firearm she can hold. She also has the ability to power up her punch at least twice and will freely fire her gun after she kills an enemy, as well as shout a war cry that will inpower her teammates.


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