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Sally Brown is a major character in the Peanuts franchise. She is the sister of Charlie Brown. Sally bears a similar face to her older brother. When she was younger, Charlie Brown fussed over her and viewed her as a little kid who needed protection. As she aged beyond infancy, her appearance evolved. In her early TV appearances, she wears a blue dress with a matching bow. Currently, she wears a pink or dress.

Sally first appeared in A Charlie Brown Christmas.


Early on, Sally was originally just sweet and naive before she devolved into ignorance.

Later on, Sally was ironically the reasonable one in the room when briefly assigned by their minister to teach stories from the Bible to some preschool kids, but one boy wouldn't stop confusing the Bible with The Great Gatsby, to her frustration.

While she usually refers to Charlie Brown as "big brother", she actually did refer to her own big brother as "Charlie Brown" in a few early strips.

Sally and Snoopy enjoyed playing together when she was a baby; they even teamed up to steal Linus's blanket on occasion. Once she grew to school-age, however, their relationship turned into one of mutual dislike, similar to that between Snoopy and Lucy.