Sam Carter is the tritagonist of Goosebumps 2 haunted Halloween. He is played by Caleel Harris also plays Clyde McBride in the loud house

he is first seen coming to the Quinn house for a weekend while his parents are out of town. then at the convenient store he hangs up a flyer and chooses a pumpkin.

Then later at school he was bullied by Tommy Meinagin with Sony. Then later he and Sony do their job junk Bros. they do the job at an abandoned house where they find a book then Slappy the dummy saintly appears out of nowhere then Sony reads a card. Then they get bullied by Tommy again who chases them on their bikes. Then they tell Sarah what happened. And she tells him to do the laundry.

Then sloppy who was watching Sony’s practice presentation shows him and Sam his powers and he tells them to keep it a secret. then they play a video game and Slappy Sabotages Sony’s tesla tower which blows up the science lab canceling Halloween for the three kids. Then they throw him into a river but he escapes.

Then The kids read about what happened in the last movie then they decide to Find the book that Tommy stole from them in his house but then got attacked by gummy bears and Kathy calls Sony in the middle of the attack. then they find out that sloppy once their mom they come home to find out that monsters have taken over the city. The book then gets stolen and Kathy gets kidnapped they get help from their friend and neighbor Mr chu. to do camouflage. then they go after Slappy Kathy is turned into a dummy and then they blow the fuse and the monsters get sucked into the book. Then they get a visit from RL Stine and at the end of the movie he congratulates Sarah.

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