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Hero Overview

I am a soldier. I've served my country for twenty years. But if I'm captured or killed, I know that nobody will come to rescue me. I won't even get a funeral. Because the nation I protect can never admit that I exist. So my death would go unremarked, my bones would go unclaimed. I don't know if that day will come... but I do know that it must not be today. I am invisible. I am relentless. I am Sam Fisher. I am... a Splinter Cell.
~ Sam in Chaos Theory.
I have a message for those who stand in my way... Pray.
~ Sam Fisher in the Splinter Cell: Conviction trailer.
Few presidents have ever granted the Fifth Freedom. It's the right to defend our laws, by breaking them. To safeguard secrets, by stealing them. To save lives, by taking them. To do whatever it takes to protect our country. The Fifth Freedom is mine alone. I am Sam Fisher. I am a Splinter Cell.
~ Fisher in the Splinter Cell: Blacklist trailer.

Samuel "Sam" Fisher (b. August 8, 1957) is a top-class secret agent and is the main protagonist from Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series. A legendary military hero, Fisher is a splinter cell agent that is seen on dangerous missions to stop terrorist threats. He also appears as a supporting character in the down-loadable content of Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, and a playable operative and Rainbow Six: Siege expansion, Operation Shadow Legacy.

He is voiced by Michael Ironside in the series while Eric Johnson voiced and motion-captured the character in Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and Jeff Teravainen voiced the character in Rainbow Six: Siege.

Professional Profile

Sam is 177 cm (5 ft 10 in) tall, weighs 78 kg (170 pounds), has graying, brown-black hair and green eyes. He still has an athletic build physique for a man in his late 40s. He was the first person to be recruited as a field agent of the "Splinter Cell" program, Third Echelon's top secret black ops project. A highly decorated veteran of JSOC's DEVGRU, and the CIA's Special Activities Division, Fisher is a master in the art of stealth, having been trained in various undercover and covert infiltration tactics.

He not only specializes in night-time combat but in close-quarters combat in urban warfare and field-craft-related skills as well. In addition, Sam is extremely proficient in trade-craft skills such as surveillance tactics, computer hacking, handling explosives and the use of nearly any conventional firearm ambidextrously. He is also a highly trained expert in various forms of martial arts but he far excels in the Israeli self-defense and combat system of Krav Maga. In Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction, he utilized the Center Axis Relock, a modern shooting stance used in close-quarters combat and was invented by Paul Castle. 

He prefers to work alone in the field. Established from the novels, Sam is known to have command of a startling number of languages, including native English, Spanish, German, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Burmese, Georgian, and Persian. While not on assignment or stationed at Fort Meade (while he was working for Third Echelon), Fisher resided in a townhouse in Towson and a farmhouse in rural Germantown, Maryland (according to the novelizations of the series).

According to the 2013 graphic novel, Splinter Cell: Echoes (which takes place during the end of Conviction and before the events that happened at the beginning of Splinter Cell: Blacklist), Sam now resides in a two-story house in Falls Church, Virginia, where his daughter, who currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, stayed with him for a while during the book before moving to New York. Sam's signature sidearm is the FN Five-seveN, which is also his preferred weapon of choice throughout the Splinter Cell franchise. During the "Washington Monument" level in Conviction, he retrieves the Five-seveN from Victor Coste, who refers to it as Sam's "favorite pistol".

Fisher has conducted operations all over the world: Auroa, Bolivia, Canada, Cuba, the former East Germany, the Democratic Republic of Congo, China, Iceland, Israel, East Timor, Indonesia, Guam, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, North and South Korea, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Paraguay, Myanmar, Serbia (when it was part of Yugoslavia), Georgia, and France. He has also conducted operations inside the United States, in places such as Los Angeles International Airport, Sabine Pass, Chicago, Philadelphia, Fort Meade, New York City, New Orleans, Washington, D.C., Ellsworth Federal Penitentiary in Kansas, Denver International Airport and the CIA's headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

The novel version of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell establishes that Sam hated his time in the CIA when he was working there in the mid-late 1980s, and that he mostly had official cover (i.e. he was a "diplomatic aide"). It is also established during the "Bank" mission in Chaos Theory that Fisher served in Panama during Operation Just Cause when Redding reveals in the level's pre-mission briefing that Fisher was part of a CIA team that raided the same bank during the conflict searching for some of Noriega's drug money.

It is also established during a mission in Chaos Theory that shortly after or around the time the conflict in Panama ended in January 1990, Sam was called back to active duty with the Navy SEALs and deployed to Iraq, where he spent the next several months leading up to the Persian Gulf War "sleeping in a ditch on the road between Baghdad and Kuwait" prior to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in August 1990, and he was already present once the Western military intervention by the U.S.-led coalition forces began at the beginning of the Gulf War itself in January 1991.


Irving Lambert

Referred to as "Sam's best friend" by Victor Coste, Irving Lambert had a great friendship with Sam. He met Sam during the Gulf War in 1991 and personally recruited him into the NSA (subsequently 3E as its 1st Splinter Cell) years later. They both shared a mutual respect for one another. Despite being friends, Lambert could at many times become angered at some of Fisher's actions during his missions and will scold Sam if his actions are seen as being very poor. Having been Sam's superior, Lambert understood that when a job needed to be done, sacrifices had to be made and sometimes could be morally questionable to Sam, such as calling in an airstrike that could kill two unconscious American pilots. During the JBA operation in 2008, Sam's relationship as a friend to Lambert was deeply strained during Sam's undercover work, despite covertly keeping contact with each other regarding the mission. Lambert's concern was pretty big, even going so far as to risk being caught to check in on his friend, which ultimately cost him his life.

When Lambert was captured by the JBA and placed into interrogation, JBA leader Emile Dufraisne forced Sam to shoot and kill his best friend, which Sam reluctantly complied to avoid blowing his cover. After Sam was forced to shoot him, Lambert still gave Sam his final objective to stop the JBA from detonating the Red Mercury bomb, telling him to stop the threat before it's too late. Even years after Lambert's death, Fisher struggled with the act of having to kill his best friend to protect his cover. When he went to Washington, D.C., to uncover the truth, he was met with thoughts of his actions during an elevator ride to the front desk of the Third Echelon Headquarters, in which Lambert left a recorded message (played by Grim, Lambert's confidante) prior to his death revealing the true reason for Sam's undercover assignment.

Douglas "Doug" Shetland

Sam was good friends with former Marine Major Douglas Wayne Shetland before the Cyber Attacks of 2007, which resulted in him having to eliminate Shetland. He met and served with Shetland during the Gulf War in 1991 when they were part of a Joint Spec Ops Task Force in Desert Storm. Sam also saved Shetland's life during a mission in Colombia in 1992.

Victor "Vic" Coste

Victor Anthony Christopher Coste is one of Fisher's closest friends, and the two share a brotherly bond ever since they served together in the Navy SEALs. Coste states that he never leaves his family behind, and it shows: during the "Highway of Death" flashback level in Splinter Cell: Conviction, when he singlehandedly rescues Fisher despite being ordered by his superiors to stand down and hold the position. While being interrogated by Black Arrow, Fisher rescued Coste because he also doesn't leave family behind.

During the events in Washington, D.C., Coste gave Sam equipment and vital information about former Third Echelon director Tom Reed as well as found out the whereabouts of his daughter during the game.


Even though Sam is sarcastic, he is shown to be very caring for the people he worked with. Shortly before being sent to his first mission in the Georgian capital of T'Bilisi, Fisher met with Vernon Wilkes, Jr. Their relationship only lasted so far up until the extraction from the Kalinatek building in Virginia, during which Wilkes was killed during a firefight with Russian mercenaries. Even though Sam had only briefly known Wilkes, he showed compassion for the man. He was also good friends with co-workers Anna Grímsdóttir (see below) and Frances Coen, both of whom he shared good-humored banter with during missions, especially during the Cyber Attacks of 2007.

Sarah Fisher

Sam is very loving to his daughter, Sarah, who is his only child and the only surviving member of his family. He felt sorry for having to leave at inconvenient times whenever he was supposed to be at home spending time with her, though he would later call her during mission briefings aboard the Osprey. Sarah was supposedly killed by a drunk driver before the JBA operation. Sam's reaction was a downward spiral into depression. After the JBA operation, Sam resigned from Third Echelon and left the country. He went to Valletta, Malta, to hunt for his daughter's killer after receiving word that the hit-and-run accident was plotted. He later discovered that she was still alive while stopping the conspiracy within Third Echelon and the U.S. government.

Enrica Villablanca

While undercover during the events in 2008, Sam developed a romantic relationship with Enrica Villablanca, a member of the JBA - a group he was infiltrating, only for it to end in Enrica's assassination (only in Version 2 of Double Agent).

Katia Loenstern

Katia was Sam's Krav Maga instructor whom he developed a romantic relationship with. She was later killed after being hit by a stray sniper bullet from Ivan Putnik intended for Sam during the MRUUV incident. Sam once toyed with the idea of asking Grim out in the novel Splinter Cell: Operation Barracuda.

Anna "Grim" Grímsdóttir

Due to the events of Splinter Cell: Conviction, Sam holds a great deal of animosity towards Grim for lying to him about his daughter being dead, though she herself was following orders from Lambert. In the "Man of Conviction" ending of Conviction, Sam infers that he no longer trusts her. Because of the Blacklist Zero attack that severely injured Victor Coste, Sam returns to duty with Grim, though their relationship is now a more confrontational one. Over the course of the story, they manage to reclaim some portion of trust and respect to one another, even to the point of Grim supporting Sam's plan on attacking Site F despite the objections raised by their President, Patricia Caldwell.


Sam Fisher is basically a man that prefers to be alone, whether it is in the field or in his personal life. He doesn't have a lot of close friends, except for ex-Colonel Irving Lambert, Frances Coen and William Redding from Third Echelon, and enjoys the company of a few selected ones including his daughter Sarah, some old friends from his SEAL career (Victor "Husky" Coste, his former C.O. Arthur Partridge and ex-Marine Doug Shetland, the Displace CEO whom Sam had killed on the rooftop of a bathhouse in Tokyo) and Grim from whom he has learned a great deal when it comes to technology and others. Thus this makes him an individualist; a self-dependent human being.

As a reserved man, Sam doesn't talk as much but he tends to be good and somewhat philosophical with the use of words when doing so, depicting the long years of experience through the things he says and in times the dark sense of humor he's known for. That doesn't mean that he has lost that certain childish and even innocent sense of humor to the point where it could be confused with his sarcasm. Sam tends to rely on the usual 'smart' comment when remembered of things that seem too obvious for him or when treated like either too old, or too young, although the sole mention of him being 'old' bothers him a lot. Few are the ones that manage to get away with those jokes towards him and bring a smile to his face.

Although the suave, sophisticated style isn't his, Fisher tends to be somewhat flirty with nearly every woman he sees, but he's able to hold himself back and knows his limits, always being respectful. Even if he is flirty, he fears relationships because of the many failed ones that usually ended with the other one dying or suffering. Call him selfish, and perhaps he is, but he is certainly afraid of being hurt again knowing that it will be extremely difficult for him to consciously hurt someone he would be so attached to - something that he learned the hard way through life - and knowing that if hurt, his wounds don't heal as fast. However, he grows attached really fast to the people he cares for and would go as far as to kill and/or die for them.

Sam loves a good challenge, any kind of challenge whether it is risking his life as usual or trying to convince a lady for a date, or having a date that is a challenge for him whether in an intellectual point of view or even physical point of view. Sam usually takes a methodical approach to things - planning them first and acting on them later. However, sometimes his tactics make his strategy turn riskier than he planned. This had earned him a few injuries, but injuries that he rarely regrets. He's a street-smart man that relies a lot on 'experience over books'. However, even if he doesn't give the impression of being very smart, he is, and even if he might not look the part, Fisher is indeed a 'bookworm.' In fact, Sam is a man that learns and adapts quickly to either a technological advance or a change in world politics. An example of this is the highly advanced equipment he easily uses for the job that requires it. However, even if all this equipment could help him a lot, he tries not to rely too much on the technology in order to keep himself self-dependent.

Even if Fisher seems like a man of a calmed and collected manner most of the time, some people have been able to know him by his anger. It's good to point out, that is rare to see Sam losing his determination or focus because of emotional distress but it's not something that hasn't been seen. When in extreme anger against his enemies, he's able to stay determined and focused on his goal although it's certain that his enemies do suffer the consequences. Sam tends to be a character with a certain burst of depression whether it is because of something that is currently happening, or because of the painful things that he had been gone through in his life or both.

He 'stacks' every painful memory, so to speak, and most resorts on the self-destruct mechanism of blaming himself for the negative effect of something even when it wasn't his fault. It's true that only hard enough situations are the ones that usually work like the trigger of said mechanism. Fisher keeps himself away from alcohol of any sort when he can. This is mostly because of how alcohol plays a dangerous part when in deep depression, clouding his mind.

Fisher is quickly angered by the intentional slaughter of innocent civilians or unarmed military personnel by his enemies. Also, liars, cowards, and arrogant people tend to cut his patience short as well as people who overuse their power such as bureaucrats which were the main reason for him to leave the CIA. Sam approaches his enemies in a ruthless and no-nonsense manner and usually keeps a light conversation with his temporal hostages. He doesn't have too much patience when it comes to interrogating and resorts on his dark sense of humor and threats that are everything but idle. Do mind, he's not a sadistic man, but will do anything he needs to do to get the job done.

Fisher is a man that believes in respect, dignity, and compassion towards even the most unlikely individuals as proven during the first three years of his NSA/3E career, in which he had gone to the point of disobeying direct orders because of what he believes is right. Loyalty seems to be another one of his strong points to the point in which he has sacrificed himself various times despite the knowledge of a possible betrayal by a person/agency that he holds in high regards. Call him determined or stubborn, Sam is more than just a focused soldier and a patriot. He is a man that is driven by the roots of his moral fiber in doing what he believes is right. This pushes him through even the toughest circumstances like the death of loved ones.


Athletic skills

Sam Fisher is extremely agile and athletic. He is capable of many different climbing and scaling abilities, such as step-jumping to climb raised walls, performing the infamous "Split Jump,", a split leg maneuver, to keep himself supported for a long period of time, as well as being able to hold on tightly to ceiling pipes or even the undercarriage of a moving train. He is also strong enough to lift the body of a full grown man onto his back and carry it around and can run somewhat faster than the average soldier.

Fisher uses unorthodox climbing techniques (e.g. split jumps, half split jumps, difficult techniques to climb pipes, and so on). In the novel version of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, Fisher's acrobatic maneuvers extend to using not only walls but also furniture and even human beings to push off from in order to escape. Strictly speaking, these are not unarmed combat techniques – they might almost be some form of the French gymnastic art of Parkour. He also utilizes some aspects of parkour while surmounting obstacles, albeit in a slightly slower and stealthier way.

Stealth Tactics

As the nature of Fisher's job relies on stealth and non-detection, he is highly adept at blending into shadows and moving silently. With an expertise in fieldcraft, he is able to sneak up on most opponents undetected and quickly subdue them using either lethal or non-lethal means. During the Third Echelon Conspiracy, Fisher relied on improvised techniques on top of the training he received during his time with Third Echelon. Biometrics data indicated that he's actually better at identifying targets while operating from concealment, which makes him a very dangerous threat to his opponents in dark environments.

Fisher is also skilled in marking and executing multiple targets simultaneously. His standard M.O. starts with a hand-to-hand take-down, after which he picks his targets and positions himself to eliminate them. He's also been known to mark explosives and environment-based traps this way. (In Blacklist, Sam is able to move while executing his targets and also will automatically take-down an enemy in close proximity during the execution in a new game play feature known as "Killing In Motion" -an upgraded version of M&E, used to help Sam get through tough situation quick and easy then did in Conviction, in which Sam was only able to tag foes and execute them from a stationary position.)

Even if the enemy thinks he's not targeting them directly, they may still be in the line of fire. Fisher can vanish, flank his enemies and leave them shooting at the spot where they thought he was, right up until the moment he eliminates them. Although enemies are aware of his actual position, Fisher always catches them off guard by making them rely on his last known, which gets them killed.

Close Combat

Sam Fisher is a seasoned combat veteran of exceptional skills. He is well-versed in the arts of warfare in close combat, particularly hand-to-hand combat. His style of choice being mainly Krav Maga, a combination of different forms of martial arts. He also utilizes several different unarmed combat disciplines. He is an exceptional knife fighter who carries up to 3 or 4 different types of edged weapons, preferring the combat knife he inherited and learned to fight with-in the Navy SEALs: the Fairbairn Sykes commando dagger, as well as an expert with a karambit, which he learned to fight with while "training abroad."

Fisher's knowledge in Krav Maga in the novels is extensive, however, in the video games, it was not until Conviction that it was demonstrated.

The games prior to Conviction depicted Sam's hand-to-hand combat skills in a limited capacity. In the original Splinter Cell game, the only techniques demonstrated were elbow strikes to the face or head. In Pandora Tomorrow, more techniques were shown but still very limited. In Chaos Theory, Fisher knocked out enemies with a palm strike to the nose, punch to the neck or a knee in the head. Chaos Theory and Double Agent also demonstrated Sam's ability to kill enemies by breaking their back with his knee while restraining them in a stranglehold.

The fact that Sam Fisher uses Krav Maga was originally introduced in 2005 novel. He not only uses Krav Maga for unarmed combat but for split-second decisions as well. Meaning "Contact Combat," KM is a form of self-defense and physical training, first developed by the Israeli army in the 1940s, based on the use of reflexive responses to threatening situations. Israeli military personnel, especially its Special Forces, use them as a way of defense and offense. He has reached the advanced level of 3B under the tutelage of his instructor, Katia who later became his girlfriend but was later accidentally killed. This system is widely used by special forces operators, police, and similar personnel. It also bears mentioning that he had an excellent working relationship with Israeli security services, and he seemed intimately familiar with Israeli weapons (including brand new ones).

In Conviction, Sam's proficiency at Krav Maga is showcased for the first time with a large array of techniques including the use of punches and strikes to kill enemies, the ability to disarm enemies before taking them hostage in a stranglehold and incorporating attacks with firearms.

In Blacklist, Sam employs an even larger array of Krav Maga techniques and shows proficiency in more unconventional means of hand-to-hand combat like Russian Systema, Filipino Kali, and Jujitsu.


Although Sam is right-handed, as exclusively shown in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell and Pandora Tomorrow, he is ambidextrous (as shown in Chaos Theory, Double Agent. and Conviction) which allowed him to switch which hand he fired his weapon with in order to maintain cover without any apparent loss of accuracy. It is unknown whether he acquired and perfected this talent in the time between Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory or he always had this ability (without it being included) in the mechanics of the first two games.


From his Navy SEAL background, Sam is an expert in handling all types of weapons. Also, with his exceptional precision, speed and reaction, he can eliminate many targets simultaneously without wasting a shot. He proved perfectly capable of handling sub-machine guns, assault and sniper rifles, as has preferably pistols, which he uses a custom Five-Seven USG pistol as his preferred weapon of choice. Fisher could handle handguns with his unique ability, using both in the physical attacks and shots, he often quickly disarms his enemies, and use their weapon while using their body as a human shield. His accuracy is unmatched with weapons while shooting he always targets specific parts of the body.

An expert marksman, Sam is skilled in the use of nearly any conventional weapon and is almost on par with the world’s best sharpshooters in terms of accuracy. Trained as a sniper at first, Fisher has an eye for marking and executing multiple targets simultaneously. Although rare, it is possible for him to miss a target. However, this is not a superhuman characteristic, but rather an ability that he acquired from his long years of training and practice same as his ability to aim and shoot with both hands even if he is right-handed.

Other than that, as a former Navy Seal Sam is a highly skilled martial artist able to swiftly kill or incapacitate tough and strong men then him. he is also skilled in the Israeli martial art of Krav Maga, a combination of different forms of martial arts. Krav Maga tends to go more towards self-defense while the offense tends to be quite lethal and usually includes broken joints and even the chance to induce paralysis on the enemy for a certain time with the certain hit(s) unto central nerves such as simply knocking out enemies or others, or even death. While employing the art in combat, Sam fights with tenacity, with his attacks based on accurate and fast strikes, or counterattacks. Generally, he neutralizes his opponent, breaking limbs like arms and wrists. Sam also has a tendency to use objects in the environment to his advantages, such as heights, desks, pianos, doors and windows and even the weapons of his enemies.

Years and experience in night ops have also gained Fisher the ability to see even better from the dark spots than from lit ones. Although light does not damage his eyes, he has the ability to adjust quickly to darkness and when his vision is not enough he resorts to his other senses, especially hearing. Fisher is actually better at identifying targets while operating from concealment, which makes him a very dangerous threat to his opponents in dark environments.

Sam is very flexible and athletic as it is, even though it is getting harder to stay flexible at his age, but he is still able to make full split jumps and hang with his legs from pipes or edges where he can aim, shoot or make a surprise attack on someone. So far though, Sam is known for being fast on his feet, fast in his line of work and on his infiltration style including using the French gymnastic art of Parkour as more than just a hobby and in times even a lethal weapon. Basically, think 'modern-day ninja.'

Sam is at the peak of physical condition for a man in his age who engages in an intense exercise regimen, he is tough and as accomplished as a commando. He is muscular and an impressive physical specimen. Sam engages in daily exercise, these including swimming, diving, climbing, running and shooting. Sam could run for long periods of time without tiring while doing Parkour movements. He is also a good swimmer, with more than a decade serving as a SEAL did most of the job on helping him gain a large lung capacity since he could stay underwater for a rather long amount of time. He swims as fast as the 'free runs' and can swim for long periods of time and sink himself pretty deep. Fisher is able to accomplish silent assassinations from the water by swimming out of it and dragging an enemy down before stabbing them or breaking their necks quickly. Water is his home and has always been.


  • Advanced Weapons Training
  • SEAL Qualified
    • SCUBA Training
    • SAO Qualification
    • SQT Training
  • HAHO and HALO Training
  • Krav Maga Training (Level 3B/Black-Belt)
  • Muay Thai Training
  • Russian Systema Training
  • Jiu-jitsu Training
  • Filipino Martial Arts (Kali/Eskrima) Training
  • Center Axis Relock Training

Skill Sets

Over the course of his career of more than twenty years of service, Fisher has acquired a wide range of special skills as well as an extensive knowledge of numerous training techniques. The following is a list of skill sets Fisher have applied which are portrayed in the video games, seen in the comic books and described in detail in the novels:

  • Tactical Swimming
  • Close Quarters Combat
  • Applied Explosive Technique
  • Rapid Assault
  • Dynamic Entry
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Evasive and Counter-Terrorist Driving Technique
  • Parkour (Free Running)
  • Covert Communication
  • Surreptitious Entry
  • Military Free-Fall Parachuting
  • Edged Weapons
  • Precise Application of Lethal Force
  • Urban Sniping
  • Unarmed Combat
  • Threat Elimination
  • Structure Penetration
  • Covert Influence Operations
  • Support and Recruitment of HUMINT assets
  • Interrogation
  • Interrogation Resistance
  • Reconnaissance
  • Extreme Environment Survival
  • Field Medicine

Shooting Technique

In the first four games, Fisher uses the standard shooting stance, while in Conviction and Blacklist, he uses the Center Axis Relock, a modified shooting stance used by various special operations forces, and is invented by Paul Castle.

The CAR system features a bladed stance (the shooter's weak-side shoulder facing the target), a close-to-body firearm hold, and sighted or non-sighted fire as the situation dictates. This differs from other shooting styles such as the Isosceles Stance which features a more squared stance (i.e. facing the target directly) with the pistol held far out in front of the face and some form of sighted fire.

The CAR system is primarily intended for semi-automatic pistol shooting, although it can also be used with shotguns, assault and sniper rifles, sub-machine guns, Tasers and OC sprays.


You have the right to freedom of speech. Freedom of worship. From want. From fear. These rights would not exist without a fifth. The right to protect all other freedoms, by whatever means necessary. It's my freedom. It's my duty. It is my war.
~ Sam Fisher.
My name is Sam Fisher. I used to be a hero — now I'm a wanted man. I used to hunt terrorists — now I am one. I used to take orders — now I execute them. I've become... a double agent.
~ Sam Fisher on Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 1).
Looking for me, asshole?
~ Fisher to Gramkos.
You really need to work on that bullet proof thing.
~ Fisher to Vice President Samson.
A guy once said, 'The price of success is hard work and dedication.
~ Fisher in Ghost Recon: Wildlands.
Then it's only me...
~ Sam after learning that he's the only one left of the covert operatives.
You should know better than to write me off. Consider this a teaching moment.
~ Fisher in Rainbow Six: Siege.
Prepare, execute, vanish
~ Fisher in Rainbow Six: Siege.




  • In Splinter Cell: Fallout, it is said that Sam and Lambert served together in the U.S. Special Forces (Green Berets) and later in Delta Force. This doesn't make sense considering that there is no mention nor visual evidence that they were both actually part of the unit. It is most likely that Sam (a Navy SEAL) and Lambert were part of JSOC.
  • In the cutscene for the "Lighthouse" mission in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, while aboard the USS Walsh, Arthur Partridge asks Sam Fisher "when was the last time he saw him" to which Sam replies by saying "I'm afraid I have no recollection of that, Senator," which is a reference to a line said in Clear and Present Danger.
  • In the book Splinter Cell Blacklist Aftermath, that takes place after the events from the game, Sam Fisher uses a SIG P226 Mk.25 (the pistol used by Navy SEALs) in addition to his FN Five-seveN.
  • In the book Splinter Cell (chap. 5 p. 47), Sam Fisher owns a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 4x4 with 265 hp and the V8 engine.
  • As of 2019, Fisher is around 59–62 years old around the LA Cruz mission, and as of 2025 for Operation Greenstone, he is 68 years old.
  • The Age ranked the character as the seventh greatest Xbox character of all time.
  • The character was voted twelfth by Game Informer's of the top character of the 2000s decade.
  • Listed as the twenty-fourth most popular video game character in the 2011 Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition.
  • Ranked 18 by Complex as the greatest soldiers in video games in 2013.
  • GamesRadar ranked him as the 37th "most memorable, influential, and badass" protagonist in games in 2012.
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