Samuel "Sam" Fisher in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Samuel "Sam" FIsher is a top-class spy from Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series.


Sam Fisher was born in 1957 where he was losing his family members in 1960s except for Sarah Fisher. Sam Fisher had joined the Navy SEALs in 1980s for his own motivations of the Navy SEALs. Sam was recruited by Third Echelon in 2000s, operated by Colonel Iviring Lambert, a U.S. Army officer and NSA's Third Echelon director.

Splinter Cell

Sam was on his first mission to kill a rogue Georgian President named Kombayn Nikoladze who is controlling all Georgian cities and connecting Chinese for conspiracy and more. Sam was in Georgia infiltrating the police station for answers before finding the bodies of two CIA agents in the morgue and Sam learned that they were murdered by a man named Vyacheslav Grinko who was at the Defense Ministry and use his microphone to record Grinko and Philip's meeting about the top secret organization in Azerbaijan when Sam recovers data from Azerbaijan.

Sam was in the oil platform, but the U.S. Air Force fighters arrived to support Sam and kills the scientist while taking the briefcase. Sam was in CIA headquarters after learning that Mitchell Dougherty is a mole of Grinko and Sam captures him and transport him to Third Echelon for interrogation. Sam was in Kalinatek to stop all the Russian mercenaries from slaughtering all the workers and destroying the computers containing information. Sam was in Myanmar recording a chairman named Kong Feirong that they're going to slaughterhouse to execute all the US soldiers and Chinese delegates, so Sam was off.

Sam was in the slaughterhouse, rescuing US soldiers and Chinese delegates after killing Grinko. Sam was back to the Chinese embassy while Sam interrogates Kong before Sam ran off to stop Nikoladize once and for all. Sam was back to Georgia recovering a weapon known as the Ark, but the Ark was missing when Sam kills Nikoladize and escapes with the activation key.

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