I'm not a program, my name is Sam Flynn.
~ Sam to CLU 2 after his duel with Rinzler.
You can't steal something that's designed to be free.
~ Sam to a police officer.

Sam Flynn is the son of Kevin Flynn and the main protagonist of the Tron sequel, Tron: Legacy.

He was portrayed by Garrett Hedlund, who also portrayed Murtagh in Eragon, and James Hook in Pan.


He was born in 1983. His father was CEO of ENCOM and a computer software and video game creator. His father disappeared in 1989 and was dead shortly after leaving Kevin's father Alan Bradly in charge of the company until Sam was of age. By age 27, Sam became CEO and majority shareholder of ENCOM as well as a thrill seeker.

One night while going to his father's old place of business, Flynn's, a video game arcade, he discovered his father's old computer lab in the basement. Upon accessing his computer, he was sucked into the game grid and fought CLU, the evil program which his father created, though CLU's original purpose was to help Kevin create the perfect world. Kevin's assistant, the last of a race of programs called Isomorphic Algorithms (or ISO for short) named Quorra, assisted Sam in escaping CLU and took him to his father.

With his father's sacrifice, he, along with Quorra, escaped the Grid and back into the real world. It's assumed that Sam is dating Quorra and helping her assimilate into the human world shortly after.

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