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For the television series version, please see George Francisco.
That's all right Matthew. After all, you're only human.
~ Francisco to Sykes

Samuel "George" Francisco was a protagonist in the 1988 film Alien Nation. He is portrayed by Mandy Patinkin.

His original name was Ss'tangya T'ssorentsa.

A Newcomer male, George was born into slavery. He was given the powerful narcotic Jabroka to ensure that he kept working. He survived the ship crash landing on Earth. During quarantine, he was given the name Samuel Francisco by immigration officials. After being released from quarantine he joined the Los Angeles Police Department, and began working as a patrol officer. Late one night he was called to assist Detective Matthew Sykes after the latter's partner William Tuggs had died in a gunfight with a Newcomer criminal. George tried to assist Sykes but the detective angrily pushed him away.

A few days later George was selected to be the first Newcomer officer promoted to the rank of detective. After Captain Warner asked for volunteers, Sykes decided to volunteer to work with the new detective. Not caring for Francisco's name, Sykes called his new partner George, who in turned informed Sykes that his name sounded like two words in Newcomer language that meant excrement and cranium, or Shithead.

The two men realized that the Newcomer William Harcourt was producing jabroka on Earth as a means of taking control of other Newcomers. George and Sykes defeated Harcourt and destroyed the drugs he was producing. Harcourt swallowed the last vial of Jabroka, taking a massive dose that altered him. Harcourt finally died when Sykes pushed him into salt water, dissolving Harcourt. George pulled Sykes out of the water into a police helicopter, burning his hand in the process.

A few days later George joined his friend Sykes in a local church as Sykes prepared to give his daughter away in marriage. As they walked into the nave, Sykes told George he wanted to apologize in advance to his new partner for all the things he would do and say over the years. George quipped that it was all right, that Sykes was only human.

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