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Samantha "Sam" Manson is the deuteragonist from the TV series, Danny Phantom. She is Danny's love-interest.

She was voiced by Grey DeLisle, who is best known to voices as Vicky, Tootie, Daphne Blake, Kitty Katswell, Azula, Wubbzy, Mandy, Frida Suarez, Lupe Toucan, Ingrid Giraffe, Yumi Yoshimura, Frankie Foster, Goo, Duchess, Emily Elizabeth Howard, Major Doctor Ghastly, Lizzie Devine, High Priestess, Wonder Woman, Vambre Warrior, Lola Loud, Lana Loud, Lily Loud, Hana Stoppable, and Riley Daring.


She is a self-proclaimed goth girl, and is happy only on Christmas.

Powers & Abilities

Fenton's Weaponry Mastery: Sam is skilled with the Fenton Weaponry. She, along with Tucker, is often shown using the Fenton Thermos with great aim. Sam has also been shown to be capable of wielding Bazooka's well enough to be able to aim and fire rapidly. Sam is often seen using the Specter Defector on numerous occasions.

Paranormal & Mythology Knowledge: Due to being a goth, Sam is quite knowledgeable on dark or evil artifacts.

Multilingual Skills: Like Danny, Sam learned how to speak Esperanto in case they met with Wulf again. She has also displayed some knowledge of French, Italian, and Japanese, between other languages.


  • Her voice is the same as Yumi from Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, and she also inspired Gwen from the Total Drama series.
  • Her brainwashed self resembles Poison Ivy & Maleficent.
  • She is Jewish and can presumably speak Hebrew as well.
  • Her personality is very similar to Kat Harvey from the 1995 film, Casper.



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