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Samuel "Sam" (born: April 4 1978) was the yellow wiggle from late 2006 to early 2012. In November 2006, Greg left The Wiggles after being diagnosed with Orthostatic Intolerance. Sam, Greg's understudy during times when Greg was feeling unwell, replaced him and was the yellow Wiggle for slightly more than 5 years before Greg re-gained his health and returned to his role as the yellow Wiggle. After Greg came back to the group, Sam left The Wiggles for good.

He played guitar, drums, and keyboards during his time with the group, making him one of the only Wiggles (along with Greg, Emma & Jeff) to have played all three of the other Wiggles' lead instruments.

Unlike Greg, Sam speaks with a western accent.


  • He has an off-screen relationship with Lyn Moran.
  • Sam sings opera just like other characters like Simon and Captain Feathersword. 
  • Older fans were more reluctant to accept him as a Wiggle, due to their attachment to Greg.
  • He was an understudy of Greg before he was officially a Wiggle.