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Sameer is one of the characters in The Loud House franchise, initially as a minor role in the series "City Slickers" and is now a recurring role in The Casagrandes. He is the Middle Eastern friend of Ronnie Anne Santiago, who usually hangs out with Casey, Nikki, and to a lesser extent, Laird. He is a skateboarder who enjoys skating his his friend group.

He was voiced by Makana Say for the first season before getting replaced by Nour Jude Assaf for season two.


Sameer was born in Kansas as a country boy. However, his family moved to Michigan and now he lives in Great Lakes City with Ronnie Anne, Casey, and Nikki, who he likes to skateboard with and goes to Cesar Chavez Adacemy with as a middle school student.

Sameer's first appearance overall was in the The Loud House episode, "City Slickers", where Ronnie Anne introduced him to Lincoln. Ronnie Anne wanted to keep it a secret that she was from the country but when her secret came out, Sameer was perfectly fine with it, as he was from the country too.

Sameer's first actual appearance in The Casagrandes was in the episode "New Haunts", where he dressed up as a banana and went to a Halloween party.


  • Sameer is from Kansas.
  • Sameer has a napoleon complex and wishes he was taller.

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