Sami is an Orange Star CO and a protagonist in the Advance Wars series of video games. She is a commander in Orange Star's special forces and infantry specialist.


Advance Wars

Sami was sent in to help Andy and Max in pushing back Blue Moon's forces, but due to her present mission going on longer than she expected she was delayed from joining them.

After helping the two repel an attack by Green Earth's forces led by Eagle, Sami and her fellow COs opted to take the fight to Blue Moon by moving their forces across Yellow Comet and into Blue Moon's territory. However, Yellow Comet's emperor Kanbei assumed threat of invasion and sent his Imperial Forces to attack the Orange Star troops, causing Sami and the others to have to fight back against Yellow Comet. After defeating Kanbei's forces, the Orange Star forces were able to proceed onward.

After defeating the Green Earth CO Drake and his forces, it is revealed that Black Hole were the true instigators of the war between the Wars World nations. Sami and her fellow Orange Star COs thus joined forces with the COs of the other nations to stop the threat of Black Hole.

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising

When Black Hole returned and attempted to conquer all four nations once again, Sami and her fellow Orange Star COs fought back against Black Hole's invasion of Orange Star.

After driving the Black Hole forces out of Orange Star and the other nations, Sami took part in the battle against Black Hole's sinister Commander-In-Chief Sturm.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Sami was one of the COs who were a part of the Allied Nations force sent to stop Black Hole's incursion into Omega Land.


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