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This Samson (JP: サムソン) walks a darker path than the one we know. Having chosen to serve himself and leave the rest of the world to its fate, he turned to the vilest method to overcome his reliance on hosts. Who knows if he is a trick by Double to mock the Parasite, or a relic from a lost timeline recovered by Aeon.

Playstyle Speculation

In this monstrous incarnation, Samson has no physical or emotional restraints and is free to deliver face punches...with his face. Or he can harden his fist into a five-horned ram to bludgeon his opponent. Aside from larger versions of Filia’s attacks, he can incorporate the forms of nature’s most fearsome creations including T. rexes, sharks, bears, mammoths, scorpions, and wombats to unleash a barrage of bestial fury. There will be hair, teeth, spikes, and screaming everywhere.

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