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What do you mean 'lapdog'? Huh? I'm the only one that knows what to do.
~ Stuhlinger in the "Buried" cutscene.
Answer me this, Misty: why Marlton? I know there's not a lot of men to choose from, but come on! Marlton?!
~ Sam, reviving Misty in "Tag der Toten".

Samuel J. Stuhlinger is a protagonist and playable character in the Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 "Zombies" game mode, and a selectable skin in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's Blackout mode.

He was voiced by Dave Boat.


After Earth's destruction, Stuhlinger was one of the few survivors left from the missile launch, and took shelter in a survival group called "The Flesh", who claimed that eating the flesh of the zombie hordes was the only way to survive their new anarchic world. This act of cannibalism granted Stuhlinger the ability to hear voices within the Aether, however the contact with the infected flesh gave him symptoms of the zombie virus.


Samuel is a Caucasian man with a mustache, charcoal sweater, green vest, khaki shorts and glasses. He has short, grey hair, and appears slightly overweight. He also has a sidepack. In Buried, Stuhlinger has blood stains on his face and clothes and the right lens of his glasses have cracked, as well as having some parts of his clothes ripped.


Samuel is incredibly paranoid and seems to be a conspiracy theorist. He is frustrated with the lack of explanations to the events that occur and so he creates his own theories, often involving aliens or government cover-ups. Riddled with guilt due to his history of cannibalism, Samuel does not like to talk about himself around the others out of fear that they will either kill him or abandon him if they knew his secret. Samuel hates Misty and dislikes Marlton, but likes Russman.

In the comic series, Samuel's personality has changed somewhat. He no longer speaks about various conspiracies and does not seem to hate Misty as he even saves her life at one point. Although he still dislikes her and Marlton slightly, he is willing to work as a team with them in order to accomplish their goal of securing the Kronorium.



  • Stuhlinger lost a big toe in a shotgun accident.
  • Sam once had a cat called Fluffy, but it died when Sam didn't unwrap it in time.
  • His quote, "Why won't you die?!", can be heard in the end trailer for Nuketown Zombies.
  • In one of his quotes, Sam pronounces his surname "Stuh-lin-ger", though the other characters say it as "Stoo-lin-jer."
  • Sam mentions in TranZit that his favorite food is cheese, and he mentions at the end of Mined Games that he hates salad.
  • He does not like his team; when drinking Quick Revive (which he says tastes like horse puke), he asks Richtofen, "So you want me to use this to keep the others alive... but WHY, though?".
  • Stuhlinger favors pistols, reacting favorably towards the Executioner, Python, both single and dual Five Sevens and B23R, in contrast with other characters who react negatively. In Die Rise, however, he reacts negatively to the single Five-Seven.
  • He may have romantic feelings for Misty, according to some lewd quotes directed to her in Black Ops 2. When reviving Misty in Tag der Toten, he may ask her why she has a crush on Marlton of all people. This could also be why Stuhlinger dislikes Marlton.
  • In "Classified", there is a hidden message from Stuhlinger to Richtofen, asking where Richtofen has been, stating that the latter has been "out of his head" for a very long time, and that they've been stuck in a filthy, run down place.
    • Due to the Tag der Toten ending showing all of Victis being banished to the Dark Aether, it is unknown what this message was meant to imply, if anything at all. It is also unknown when or how the message was sent


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