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I'm in pain, but I'm no quitter. And from now on, what I say goes, right? Wow. Yeah, this is gonna be fun.
~ Sanders to MacArthur

Sanders is one of the deuteragonists of Total Drama spin-off Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race, along with her partner MacArthur. She was voiced by Nicole Stamp.


Sanders plays the "good cop" of the duo. While she is fairly competitive, she prefers to do so while following the rules unlike her partner. Being the more logical one of the duo, Sanders often had to put up with MacArthur's crazy schemes. However, Sanders is not above in following MacArthur's examples and would also go along with her partner's schemes, especially if it involves beating ther mortal enemies. After breaking her arm due to MacArthur's actions, Sanders brought up a stricter side of her in order to keep her in control. Despite their constant bickering, the two police in training proves themselves the best of allies in the Race, often backing each other up.



  • Josee
  • Jacques



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