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Sandstorm is an Autobot Triple Changer with three modes: robot, dune buggy and helicopter. He is a character who appears in season 3 of the Transformers G1 cartoon, as a native of the peaceful planet Paradon. 

Sandstorm had a very different role in Marvel's Transformers comics, in which he appeared in the UK stories as a member of the Wreckers, due to his love of living on the edge.


Sandstorm had a notable role in the third season episodes "Fight or Flee" as the progressive leader of a tribe of peaceful Autobots, and "Starscream's Ghost" acting as an ally to Octane, who had deserted the Decepticon because of personal trouble with Galvatron.

Sandstorm was an Autobot among those Autobots who peacefully settled the planet Paradron as the Mayor. Outnumbered and fleeing from the Aerialbots, Cyclonus and Scourge took refuge inside a vortex, which transported them to the pacifistic, energy-rich planet of Paradron, which had been settled by Cybertronian refugees. Naturally, the duo immediately overthrew the planet and summoned Galvatron and the other Decepticons there; the plan was ultimately foiled by the Autobots, but at the cost of Paradron itself, which was destroyed.

During his desertion, the Decepticon Triple Changer Octane collaborated with Sandstorm to avoid capture.

Target 2006

Working with Optimus Prime

Galvatron, Cyclonus and Scourge

Legion of the Lost

Earth duty

Time Wars

Rgeneration One


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IDW Comics

Main article: Sandstorm (IDW Comics)

Aligned Universe

A version of Sandstorm was mentioned in Robots in Disguise (2015) as one of the Autobots blacklisted by the corrupt High Council as a supporter of Optimus Prime.


  • The name Sandstorm had been used for many very different characters in Transfomers, both heroic and villaionous. 


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