Sanford is one of the three main protagonists of the Madness Combat series. He appears to be a member of an organization that opposes The Auditor alongside his partner Deimos and possibly Hank J. Wimbleton.


Sanford first appeared along with Deimos to deliver the Dragon Sword to Hank. However, the Improbability Drive caused them to get crushed by a building shortly after.

However, Sanford and Deimos survived and fought their way through the A.A.H.W. forces. The two later raided an A.T.P. Soldat facility and blew it up.

Sometime afterward, Sanford and Deimos hijacked a truck carrying a squad of A.T.P. Engineers. They then headed towards where Hank's body was located at after he was killed by Jesus. Sanford held off the A.A.H.W. soldiers, while Deimos went to revive Hank in a magnification chamber.

While Deimos was killed by one of The Auditor's possessed Engineers, Sanford gained a new ally in Mag Hank, who defeated the two possessed Engineers and the Mag Agent V3 the Auditor brought along. The two then found themselves face-to-face with the Auditor himself.

The Auditor attacked our heroes, and at first had the upper hand. However, Hank was able to wound the Auditor with electrically-charged punches, forcing the Auditor to retreat and summon 1337 Agents and Engineers to fight the two.

Eventually, Sanford and Hank made their way up to the top of the building where the Auditor was. Hank punched the Auditor several more times, but the Auditor was able to heal himself by absorbing the dead bodies of agents and engineers. Eventually, Hank's punches forced the Auditor to absorb more and more bodies, one of these bodies being the body of Tricky The Clown. Tricky's body caused the Auditor to become unstable. Hank then grabbed Sanford and climbed off the building right before the Auditor exploded.


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