♪ Santa Christ, Santa Christ, we all love Santa Christ. ♪
~ Santa Christ's theme song.

Santa Christ is a fictional character who is the most powerful being in the That Guy With the Glasses universe. He is Santa Claus and Jesus Christ combined into one benevolent entity. He first appeared in the Nostalgia Critic's review of the Christmas special known only as the Star Wars Christmas Special, and in it, he erases the Critic's memory of ever watching the film and then proceeds to give him a video game. In Kickassia, Dr. Insano calls on him to help him, and the Critic accidentally shoots him. Because he was part Jesus, however, he returns to life three days later. He also has his own theme song.


Santa Christ is depicted as an entirely benevolent being, and is considered the most powerful person in the universe. He is also shown as being a fan of pancakes and hangs out with Mr. T. He also fights monsters for fun and ultimately atoned for all our sins.

Despite his many heroic deeds, he also has a bit of a darkside. He is still shown as having a grudge on the Critic after the Critic had accidentally killed him in the Kickassia special, and doesn't really help him that much like he used to.

Theme Song

♪ Santa Christ Santa Christ we all love Santa Christ, he is Santa and Jesus God damn its Santa Christ. He atoned for all our sins but he also likes pancakes, he saves puppies from a fire and he also likes pancakes. He played base for Aerosmith, reads to sick orphans too, he goes surfing in space, and makes really good Fondue. He shoots lasers from his eyes and heal curtains for free, he fights monsters for fun and hangs out with Mr. T. Santa Christ, Santa Christ, Santa Christ, Santa Christ, you are the best man we love you Santa Christ.♪


  • He is portrayed by Doug Walker's older brother, Rob Walker and main writer of Nostalgia Critic's dialog.
  • His blood is actually maple syrup
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