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Santa Claus is a supporting characters from TV Series Family Guy.

He appears in the episode "A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas", when Stewie dreams him, however he appears for the real first time in the episode "Road to the North Pole", where Stewie and Brian help him to deliver gifts around the world, the mission fails, and then they are forced to wear Santa Claus in Quahog 5 News to tell everyone to ask only one gift per person. Then he returns to the usual Sata Claus once.

He appears in the episode "Call Girl" in a space suit with Peter Griffin, Xerxes the falcon and a T-Rex when Peter fantasizes about having is own television show.

In the episode "Christmas Guy", it turns out that Carter Pewterschmidt hates Christmas, and even he sneaks into Santa's house without permission.

He is voiced by Bruce McGill.


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