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Santa Claus (or as Jack Skellington likes to call him, Sandy Claws) is one of the central characters from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. He is voiced by Ed Ivory in the original film and by Corey Burton in the videogames.


While going over his naughty and nice list, he is kidnapped by Lock, Shock, and Barrel, who are under the orders of Jack Skellington. The three take him to Jack, who steals his hat to complete his Sandy Claws outfit. He is then taken to their treehouse where they ram Santa into the pipe leading down to Oogie Boogie's lair and force him to fit down it (the pipe is only meant for small packages and Santa is an extra-large man). Oogie Boogie then plans to torture him before adding him as spice to his Snake and Spider Stew. When Oogie is defeated by Jack, he gives him a hefty chewing-out for what he's done, and he magically zips back up the chute he came down by placing his finger on his nose and continues on to salvage a ruined Christmas. He later returns to Halloween Town and makes it snow, which causes the whole town to sing a modified version of "What's This?". His last movie appearance is him flying in the sky and waving at the town as he returns from saving Christmas. He shouts "Happy Halloween!", and Jack replies "Merry Christmas!". It's said by Stan Webb, the editor of The Nightmare Before Christmas, that at the end of "Oogie Boogie's Song" Oogie was supposed to eat him and that after Jack destroyed Oogie, he was set free.


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