Sure, I can carry both of you easy.
~ Santusa To Eliza

Santusa was a llama and major protagonist when she carries on her back. And when Eliza Thornberry told her she looks around and make noise.

She was voiced by Tia Texada.


Santusa has a light yellow wool with an orange carpet when she takes to Cusco in Nigel Knows Best when Eliza rides with her because she’s excited when Darwin the Chimp and Donnie Thornberry could be talking to them Debbie Thornberry rides with she runs away and regrouped everyone.


  • Santusa: So What’s the story?
  • Eliza: My Dad says we have to walk.
  • Santusa: So Mr. Navinese makes the rules.
  • Eliza: Yeah. Oh but that’s okay I mean we still see some cool stuff along the way. won’t we?
  • Santusa: Sure does my favorite patch of grass you should see. It’s really green...
  • Eliza: Ah well th-that’s nice, but isn’t there anything else.
  • Santusa: Nice? Just trail, trail, big hole in the ground, trail, trail.
  • Eliza: Big hole in the ground? you mean a Canyon.
  • Santusa: I don’t know, I’ve already like to stop and look and make noise like... like this. [Gasping]
  • Eliza: I’ll bet it’s the Urabamba!
  • Santusa: Ura... What?! Kid, you might as well be speaking alpaca to me.

Santusa to Eliza

  • Eliza: Santusa! There you are.
  • Darwin: Is the sky falling?
  • Santusa: I don’t know, but this gray stuff is coming from the clouds that makes people go like this! [Coughs with disgust]

Santusa telling about the Gray Stuff in Happy Old Year

  • Eliza: Santusa, Where’s Debbie?!
  • Santusa: She’s still up there I’d round up and heard the big noise!

Santusa to Eliza

  • Eliza: So... Are we in Machu Picchu?
  • Santusa: What’s uh... Machu Picchu?
  • Eliza: It’s an ancient city built by the Inkas.
  • Santusa: What’s an Inka?
  • Eliza: You don’t know? Well you’re a llama.
  • Santusa: What’s a Llama? (giggles) I’m kidding! That one I know. So... What was it you are looking for?
  • Eliza: It’s a place people live like 500 years ago it’s like this... maze of huge walls and then staircases.
  • Santusa: Oh yeah, the big pile of rocks. Y’know, It’s covering up a lot of Really Good Grass.
  • Eliza: You know where it is?
  • Santusa: Sure um, I see it over there.

Santusa to Eliza

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