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Sara is a major character in the anime Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie, serving as the secondary antagonist of the first episode "Welcome to Robotropolis", and a major protagonist in the second episode "Sonic Vs. Metal Sonic!!"

She is the daughter of the President of South Island, and the hostage of Dr. Robotnik, who plans to marry her.


Sara is a young woman with feline traits, having a brown cat tail with the same color as her long hair, which has the ends colored orange. She has small, teal iris, but she has no sclera visible. There is also a beauty mark on the side of her mouth, on her right cheek.

For her outfit in the first part of the movie, she wears a short red jacket and a yellow shirt underneath which ends with a pink frill just below her chest, leaving her stomach and belly button fully exposed. From the waist below, she wears a yellow miniskirt with a black belt. On her head, she wears a hat shaped like cat ears which is colored pink on the front and yellow on the back, and in the center is a large green jewel. Aside from that, she also wears red gloves with heart-shaped cutouts on the back.

In the second part of the movie, she is given a strapless white wedding dress with yellow trim, which now covers her stomach, a bow on the back, and an extremely short skirt. She still has the hat from the first part, although it is now colored white and the green gem on it is now decorated with flowers. Her red gloves have now been replaced with white ones.


Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie

At some point prior to the movie, Sara and her father became captives by Dr. Robotnik in order to lure Sonic to South Island. When Sonic got there, Robotnik revealed himself and revealed he had kidnapped Sara and the President. Robotnik then explained to Sonic and everyone in the room that he and his robots had been banished by his rival Metal Robotnik, who apparently also sabotaged the Robot Generator in Robotropolis which could cause the entirety of Planet Freedom to explode at sunrise tomorrow. While everyone in the room falls asleep hearing this story, Sara tells Sonic that she does not care about Robotnik or her father, but he should do it for the sake of both her and Sonic. After hearing this, Sonic reluctantly accepts Robotnik's favor to go to the Land of Darkness. After Sonic and Tails leave, Robotnik and Sarah play a video game in the room, which Sarah always loses. After being tired of losing, Sara tells Robotnik that she wants to go for a drive. Robotnik summons Metal Robotnik, which is actually a giant mech. Robotnik and Sarah enter the hatch in the mech's stomach and go for a supposed drive.

While Robotnik in Metal Robotnik pursues Sonic and Tails through the Land of Darkness, Sarah seems to be completely oblivious to what is happening outside the mech. After Metal Robotnik is destroyed, Sara and Robotnik come out, which raises suspicions from Sonic and his friends that Sara is working with Robotnik. Sara then begins crying hysterically and claims that the robot attacking them was all part of Robotnik's evil scheme.

Robotnik then goes to the North Pole with Sarah in his EggMobile, and gifts her a wedding dress. He then reveals that he wishes to marry her once he has destroyed the world, leaving Robotnik and Sara as the only two people on earth. Sara is extremely angered by the mere thought of becoming Robotnik's bride, and begins attacking him. During Sonic and Hyper Metal Sonic's fight, Metal Sonic crashes into bottom of the ship, making his head get stuck in an angle where he can see under Sara's dress, which Sonic can also see due to them having a link. Sara kicks and screams at Metal Sonic, calling him a pervert.

The ship tilts when Robotnik tries to grab Sonic, which causes Sara to fall off, but fortunately she is saved by Knuckles. To thank him, she kisses him on the cheek, causing him to blush. Sara does not have a major role for the rest of the movie, and only stays with Knuckles and Tails to watch Sonic fight Metal.


Sara has an extremely short temper, constantly getting mad at Dr. Robotnik's antics and even becoming violent when anyone threatens to kill those she is friends with. She is also not above flirting with people to get her way.

Although she is supposed to be Robotnik's hostage, it comes off more as Robotnik being her hostage as Robotnik goes along with anything she says, and she even threatens to stop being his hostage if he doesn't go along with what she wants, implying that she is only a hostage out of will.


  • When Sara and Robotnik are playing the video game, Robotnik's name in the game reads "Eggman" and Sara's name is spelled "Seira".
  • She is reminiscent to other animal/human hybrids in the franchise, except unlike Sonic's Bodyguard Platoon, from Sonic the Hedgehog Story Comic, Sara does not wear a uniform to have animal features.
  • Sara makes an appearance in the Archie Comics, but she is identified as a princess rather than the President's daughter.
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