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I'm the one who's gonna be Hokage!
~ Sarada Uchiha.

Sarada Uchiha is the deuteragonist of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime/manga series. She is Sakura and Sasuke's daughter, being a kunoichi from Konohagakure's Uchiha clan and a member of Team Konohamaru.

She is voiced by Kokoro Kikuchi in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Cherami Leigh in the English version of the anime.


Sarada was born from Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno approximately three years after the Fourth Shinobi World War, as their first and only daughter. Since Sakura refused to leave Sasuke's side during his journey, even while she was pregnant, Sarada was born in one of Orochimaru's hideouts, with Karin delivering her. As such, no records of her birth are available at the Konoha Hospital. She grew up in Konoha predominantly with just her mother due to her father leaving on a long-term mission to search for the threat that Kaguya Ōtsutsuki was preparing for, although Sarada recalls her father holding her hand with her mother when she was a toddler, which hints that he was part of her life for the first couple of years before leaving for his mission. At some point, Sarada became ill and afterwards, began wearing glasses. Due to her father's absence, it led Sarada to question where her father was, as well as her own identity.


Sarada NARUTO Gaiden.png

Sarada's personality is derived from both her parents, although she takes more her mother which is noted by Naruto when they were chatting about her father. While Sarada is friendly, sociable, and polite, she has a fierce temper similar to her mother's and doesn't back down from an argument; she also inherited Sakura's verbal tic, "Shannarō!" (しゃーんなろー). Like her father, she keeps a aloof and calm demeanor, unless she is provoked. She has a close attachment to her parents, whom she affectionately calls "Papa" and "Mama", despite being apart from her father for many years. Unlike her parents in their childhood, Sarada has good manners. Unlike her parents in their childhood, Sarada is never overconfident nor obsessed with boys, but modest and treats her classmates nicely, especially her friends Chōchō Akimichi and Boruto Uzumaki. Despite Sarada often bickering with Boruto and her rivalry with him, they are close friends and she cares about him greatly. Sarada even went as far as to encourage her father to make Boruto his student after she witnessed how much effort he put in to trying to learn the Rasengan. When Sasuke finally did decide to accept Boruto as his student, Sarada became excited on Boruto's behalf. Sarada is also a curious child; regardless of finding Boruto annoying, she tails him around the village, observing him. She comes to the conclusion that they indeed have something in common (both of them want to spend more time with their fathers), displaying keen insight. While she appears polite and friendly, she also has a fierce temper and can easily get angry, like her mother. Sarada also has great respect for Naruto Uzumaki. It was due to her admiration for Naruto that Sarada made it her goal to become Hokage.

Before her Academy graduation, Sarada questioned the value and meaning of being a ninja since her father's duties as a shinobi kept him away from home for many years. Sarada has a good relationship with her mother, although she questioned the validity of her parents' marriage due to her mother's hesitation to talk about her father's absence and his mission, leading her to suspect her parents were keeping secrets from her. Sarada can also be reckless like her mother, such as when Sarada left the village to meet with her father despite the danger she was putting herself in. When she mistakenly assumed Sakura was not her birth mother, Sarada became distraught and, in anger, condemned her father as a liar and denounced any connection to her mother. However, Naruto was able to calm her down by telling her a real family is made out of love rather than blood, and Sarada decided Sakura was her mother no matter what. Once Sakura confirmed Sarada was her biological child, Sarada, having already witnessed interactions between her parents that proved they loved each other, agreed, stating all that mattered was the bond between them, effectively reconciling with her mother. Much like her uncle, Itachi Uchiha, Sarada is a firm believer in the Will of Fire and is very loyal to the village, making her one of the few members of the Uchiha Clan to not fall victim to the Curse of Hatred.

Due to Sasuke being absent for most of her life because of his mission, Sarada grew up not really knowing her father. Over the years, she would ask Sakura countless times when he was coming home and she even became unsure about whether he really cared about the two of them at all. Growing up without a father was something that deeply troubled Sarada and seeing all her friends enjoying time with their fathers left Sarada craving for her father's affection. Despite sarada's claims she doesn't remember Sasuke at all, she apparently has some memories of him from her early childhood, such as him and Sakura holding her hands when she was a toddler. Moments before she meet with her father, the excitement of seeing him for the first time in years awakened her Sharingan. Her initial impression of him was disappointing due to Sasuke's seemingly indifference to her and his refusal to answer her questions regarding his absence and her mother, which greatly upset Sarada and made her cry. Despite this, she still hoped to understand him more and have some kind of relationship with him. After the ordeal with Shin and realizing Sasuke really does love her and her mother, her relationship with him improves significantly. She later felt nothing but joy when he hugged her and poked her on the forehead as he promised her that he would come home again soon. Although Sarada loves her father, she still doubted he would come watch her in the Chunin Exams and acted indifferent to Boruto's admiration for her father, and Sarada desires to follow a different path than her father. Nevertheless, when Sasuke returned home once again, Sakura stated that Sarada was the happiest.


Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke is Sarada's father. From the time Sarada was born, Sasuke was very attentive and loving towards his daughter, and the two had a close relationship. However, when Sasuke left Konoha to go on a top-secret mission that kept him from coming home for many years when Sarada was still a small child, Sarada started asking her mother when her father was coming home and as the years passed with him not returning, Sarada began to doubt her father cared about her. Despite this, Sarada feels a strong attachment to her father and was curious to learn more about him. After a conversation with Naruto, Sarada was happy to learn she inherited some good characteristics from her father but was disappointed to learn how aloof and stubborn Sasuke was. Sarada's first impression of Sasuke was not a good one; firstly due to a misunderstanding in which he almost attacked her and secondly due to his refusal to answer her questions on his absence and his connection to Karin. Despite this, Sarada still longed to have some kind of relationship with her father, even after condemning him as a liar. As she saw the lengths Sasuke would go to protect her and how much he loves her mother, Sarada concluded that her father does love her. Afterwards, she asked Sasuke if he felt connected to Sakura and when she asked him how he can so easily confirm it, he replied that she was the proof of his bond with Sakura, moving Sarada to tears. After this, Sarada and Sasuke's relationship significantly improved, to where Sasuke hugged Sarada and promised to come home again after poking her on the forehead, and Sarada smiled with joy. However, while she accepted the reasons behind his absence, Sarada still felt dismay at the possibility he would be unable to see her in the Chunin Exams but Sakura said that Sarada was the happiest when Sasuke returned home for good. Sasuke is over protective of Sarada.

Sakura Uchiha (nee Haruno)

Sakura is Sarada's mother. Sakura raised Sarada on her own after Sasuke left for his mission and she often told her daughter that Sasuke would come home once his mission was over as the young girl started asking questions about him. Sarada has a good relationship with her mother, as she had no problem sharing her feelings of boys and particularly about Boruto. Due to Sakura being hesitant to explain Sasuke's absence, Sarada suspected her mother was keeping secrets from her and, after discovering a photo of Team Taka that included Karin with Sasuke, Sarada suspected Sakura wasn't her biological mother. When a DNA test erroneously confirmed this, Sarada denounced any connection to Sakura and said she no longer wanted anything to do with her parents for "lying" to her. Naruto was able to calm her down and helped her realize how much she loves her mother. Sarada's anxiety is calmed down more as she observes moments between her parents that show they love each other. Sarada later takes it upon herself to declare she will be the one to protect her mother. Sakura then tells Sarada that she is her biological mother and Sasuke confirms this, and Sarada reacts calmly because of her conclusion that the love between them is most important. Sarada enjoys teasing her mother by pointing out how happy she gets around Sasuke and Sakura has deep pride for Sarada, but this at times leads her to embarrass Sarada.

Boruto Uzumaki

Boruto is Sarada's childhood friend and rival and classmates and teamates.

Because their parents are also childhood friends, Sarada has known Boruto for as long as she can remember. Sarada has always been interested in Boruto and her curiosity of him led her to often secretly follow him around the village. Sarada found Boruto's tendency to pull off pranks annoying and tends to get angry at him for his disregard for teamwork after being placed on the same team. Despite this, Sarada feels sympathy for Boruto's estranged relationship with his father because it is similar to the one she shares with her father. She often tried to get him to take his ninja training seriously because she wanted him to realize what his dream was and she recognized he had the potential to become a strong shinobi which she didn't want to go to waste. She was impressed by his abilities during the Chunin Exams, but when she learned he had been cheating, Sarada was deeply saddened and felt betrayed. Though, they later reconciled after Boruto apologized several times to her. While being close friends, they are polar opposites in personalities; Sarada is friendly and polite, while Boruto is inconsiderate and selfish at times. This leads them to argue frequently, with Sarada often calling him an idiot and scolding him for his actions. Boruto can get afraid of Sarada when she gets angry and he at times is willing to hide his true emotions to please her in something he doesn't approve of but she does. Sarada and Boruto actually care deeply for each other and are always looking out for one another. It is later shown that Sarada may have a crush on Boruto due to her always watching him and showing deep concern for him. She later reacts with happiness and embarrassment as she blushed when Boruto told her he would protect her when she becomes Hokage. Boruto also blushed when Sarada compliments him about his eyes being bluer than Naruto's.

During the a rematch with Deepa, Sarada protect Boruto from getting hit by Deepa's Carbon Fiber and was to warn him that he would lose him arm if he did another Compression Rasengan, Sarada and Mitsuki helped and protected him and adding their power so that Boruto wouldn't lose his arm from doing a Compression Rasengan effectily turning it into a Super Compresssion Rasengan.

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto has always cared for Sarada and looked out for her during Sasuke's absence, and Sarada looks up to him. Sarada deeply admires Naruto and cares a lot for him. Naruto fulfills Sarada's wish to learn more about her father from his childhood and Naruto is the one who comforts Sarada in her mental crisis over her complicated family situation. When Sarada suspected Sakura was not her mother and she wanted to leave the village, Naruto was unwilling to let her out of fear of her walking down the same path her father once did and he managed to convince her that a real family is made up of love rather than blood. It would be her admiration for Naruto and his ideology of love and peace that would inspire Sarada to make her goal to become Hokage.

Kakashi Hatake

Sarada has always had great respect for Kakashi, due to him being her parents' former teacher and the Sixth Hokage. Kakashi cares deeply for Sarada and treats her as a granddaughter, and even prefers Sarada, along with Boruto and Himawari, to call him "Grandpa Kakashi."


Due to Tsunade being her mother's former Sannin teacher and the Fifth Hokage, Sarada looks up to Tsunade and greatly respects her.


Sarada has a close bond with Shizune and thinks of her an aunt to the point where she feels comfortable to confine in Shizune with her feelings. Shizune also cares greatly for Sarada and looks out for her in Sakura's place.

Ino Yamanaka

Sarada is close with Ino, whom she refers to as "Aunt Ino" due to her mother's friendship with Ino. However, Sarada seems aware of Ino's former crush on her father when they were younger and worries Ino still harbors feelings for Sasuke to the point where she tries to keep her away from her father.

Team Taka


When she first encountered him, Sarada was repulsed by Orochimaru's appearance and knew he was her father's former Sannin teacher. Orochimaru is aware of Sarada's existence due to her being born in one of his hideouts but he didn't formally meet her until she accompanied Sasuke and Naruto to get information on Shin from Orochimaru. Because of his own personal dislike towards him, Sasuke doesn't want Orochimaru anywhere near Sarada out of concern and suspicion that Orochimaru may try to harm Sarada in any way.


Sarada was born with Karin acting as the midwife and Karin has a deep fondness for the young girl. Over the years, Sarada never had any contact with Karin, despite the fact she received her glasses from Karin when she was a small child. Upon discovering evidence of Karin's prior partnership with Sasuke and noting Karin resembles her due to wearing glasses like her, Sarada suspected she was Karin's daughter and became desperate to find her and get answers for the questions she had. At the end, Sarada learns she is not related to Karin at all, and no longer wishes to meet Karin.


Sarada has had little contact with Suigetsu; their only encounter was when Sarada asked him to run a DNA test between her and Karin to determine her parentage. Suigetsu made a critical mistake by using a umbilical cord that actually belonged to Sakura and Sarada and said it was Karin's, leading to a positive test result and further putting a strain between Sarada and Sasuke. Despite this, Suigetsu tried to distant himself from Sarada's anguish by blaming her problems on Sasuke and didn't right away apologize to Sarada upon realizing his mistake.


Sarada has had minimum contact with Jugo but he is aware she is Sasuke's daughter and he has deep care for her because she reminds him of Sasuke.


Due to her being a very strong kunoichi, Sarada has the respect and acknowledgement of her classmates and comrades. She is good friends with all of her comrades, mainly Boruto, Mitsuki, Shikadai, Inojin, Chocho, and Metal Lee. However, her temper causes her to be feared among them and leads to frequent arguments with Boruto, but she is still respected and admired by her friends for her elite ninja skills and intelligence. After becoming a genin, Sarada gains the affections of many of the boys. Despite him being Orochimaru's son, Sarada gets along well with Mitsuki and they always look out for each other. Shikadai and Inojin consider Sarada as a good friend and comrade, and are easily able to work together with her. Chocho considers Sarada as her best friend and shows concern for Sarada when she is going through a tough time, and is one of the few people to understand the family situation Sarada has with her parents. Metal Lee has an infatuation with Sarada (similar to the one his father had for her mother when they were younger) but Sarada finds him simply as a friend and, while she finds his advances repulsing, she treats him nicely.


Sarada has a fair complexion, and inherited the onyx hair and eyes of the Uchiha from her father. She has straight shoulder-length hair that parts on the left side of her forehead while tucked behind her ear on the right, framing the left side of her face. Her eyes are framed by a pair of red glasses, which were given to her by Karin. As noted by Naruto Uzumaki, while for the most part she resembles Sasuke, her mannerisms are those of Sakura — especially when angered. After becoming a genin, Sarada becomes more popular among the boys, as noted by Boruto, likely due to her blossoming beauty.

In the epilogue, Sarada's outfit consisted of a pink jacket over a yellow vest, underneath a high-collared white shirt with a red tie, red skirt and black open-toed boots. By the time of Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring, Sarada wears a red sleeveless qipao shirt, similar to Sakura's second outfit, (the only difference is the Uchiha crest on the back), a pair of light-coloured shorts, purple thigh-length stockings and shinobi sandals and long purple arm warmers, similar to her father's first outfit. In Boruto: Naruto the Movie, she also wears a Konoha forehead protector around her forehead with her bangs hanging over it.


Sarada's Sharingan

Sarada's abilities are largely unknown, but she is stated to have inherited Sasuke's talent, indicating that she is a gifted kunoichi. Furthermore, she was noted by Chōchō Akimichi to be easily able to pass her graduation exams; meaning she inherited Sakura's intelligence as well. She could also single-handedly defeat dozens of Shin clones with a single punch, decimating the area in the process. Like her father, she has prodigal skills in shurikenjutsu and wires.

Physical and Chakra Prowess

Like her mother, Sarada has excellent and precise chakra control even before she became a genin. Thus, she can control and release it from a single point in her body with precise timing, resembling super strength. By doing so through her fists, she can release it as a tremendous force capable of upturning the area around her.

Sarada has high agility, able to easily avoid a Shin clone's weapons before she awakened her Sharingan. She also has quick reflexes, able to intercept a sneak-attack from Shin's creature before it could capture her.



Sarada manifested the Sharingan at age 11, with the thoughts of meeting her father spurring the awakening. Her Sharingan has one tomoe in each eye. With the Sharingan's predictive ability, Sarada was able to avoid a shuriken-sword that was manipulated at her even though her Sharingan hasn't fully matured. As a genin, she could see through genjutsu. She inherited Chidori while training by her father. However, she doesn't have a complete control of Chidori since she has a two tomoe from her Sharingan.


From a young age, Sarada demonstrated hints of being extremely intelligent and is considered to be a prodigy. She has a keen talent for observation and analyzing situations, which she uses to come with the most rational solutions. Like her father, Sarada has critical thinking habits, showing a keen and analytical mind, which aids her in battle to better read an enemy's attack. Similar to her mother, Sarada seems to have focused on her studies in the Academy, but not enough to affect her combat performances, which is seen when she is able to dodge a trap set up by a Shin clone. She is also known as a proficient researcher, which is shown of her efforts to learn more about her birth by checking hospital records and when Boruto correctly guessed that Sarada read a novel series that was part of the first test of the Chunin Exams while no one else had heard of the series.

Post-Part II


After Boruto asked his classmates to join him in pulling a prank, none of them joined him, but Sarada did follow and observe him from afar, keeping herself hidden. Later when she arrived home, she told her mother that boys are stupid, but remarked that Boruto and herself had some things in common like their similar feelings towards their fathers.

Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring

Upon hearing that she and the rest of the class will be going through graduation exams in a week, 11-year-old Sarada questions the very meaning about becoming a shinobi and doesn't see why it was important. Soon, Sarada becomes depressed that everyone is training with, or spending time with, their fathers while she has never formally met her own father, who left when she was still an infant. When questioning the validity of her mother's marriage to her father, Sakura gets angry and accidentally destroys the house (apparently again), causing her to faint. Moving her mother to Shizune's place, Sarada returns to her home's ruins to retrieve their important belongings, only to discover that the picture of her mother and father together is a fake. This discovery leads Sarada to discover the existence of Karin who, like her, wears glasses and has an association with her father, visually disturbing her.

She was later approached by Shizune, who was surprised by Sarada's doubts of her lineage. While Shizune insisted the young Uchiha's doubts were false, Sarada revealed she already knew there were no records of her birth in any hospital in Konoha. When she demanded Shizune tell her about it, Shizune simply stayed quiet with a regretful look like Sakura did, furthering Sarada's doubts. Later, after speaking with Mitsuki about the nature of identity crisis, and Chōchō's offhanded suggestion of leaving the village for self-discovery, Sarada decided to do just that. When she went to approach the Seventh Hokage for his blessings to leave the village as well as an idea as to where Sasuke and Karin might be, she overheard to her shock that Naruto has been in contact with Sasuke all this time and was going to meet with him. Sarada decided to follow the Hokage in hopes of finally meeting and asking her father for the truth. To her surprise, she was followed by Chōchō, who was blissfully unaware of Sarada's goals despite having similar ones.

After the Hokage left, Boruto soon arrived with Mitsuki and a lunch prepared by the Hokage's wife for his trip. After Shikamaru told them the Hokage already left, an annoyed Boruto decided to leave it at that, until Sarada offered to take it to Naruto. While Boruto found the idea pointless, Sarada spoke of how important it was since it was made by someone who loves the Hokage. Seeing the determination in her eyes, without asking why, Boruto agreed to let her take the lunch, to which Chōchō joined Sarada. Soon afterwards, Chōchō became exhausted from running. They were then intercepted by a young boy named Shin, who surprised Sarada with his Sharingan and status as an Uchiha. Sarada is confused by this as her mother told her that her father was the last Uchiha. Shin was determined to take Sarada captive; Sarada and Chōchō quickly battled the boy. The fight was soon interrupted by Naruto, who already knew the kunoichi were following him.

After a quick display of the Seventh Hokage's power, Shin was instructed by a small creature with the Sharingan as well to retreat, prompting him to teleport himself and the creature. With everything calming down, Naruto decided to let the two kunoichi join him and meet up with Sasuke. Wanting to know more about her father, she asked Naruto. He told her about how he was the best in his graduating class, handsome, and popular with the women, which made her happy, but was also sad to hear how anti-social he was. Finally, she was very happy to hear from Naruto that she inherited both her father's and her mother's positive traits. Later, as they finally approached the location where they were to finally meet her father, Sarada used the excuse of having to relieve herself to go on ahead of Naruto and Chōchō (who wanted to rest). She became excited to finally see her father again after so long, awakening her Sharingan in the process. Suddenly, she was approached by Sasuke himself. While initially tearfully happy to see him, Sarada became horrified as the estranged father, concerned it was the enemy and not realising it was his own daughter, drew his sword at Sarada.

As Sasuke began his attack, a frightened Sarada called him "Papa", making Sasuke stop upon realising who she is. Naruto and Chōchō quickly arrived afterwards, to which Sasuke scolded Naruto for bringing children. Sarada, however, began asking many questions to her estranged father, only for Sasuke to simply tell her it didn't concern her. Heartbroken by her father's indifference towards her, Sarada ran out crying. Later, Naruto went to console the distraught girl, insisting to Sarada that her father was a good man despite his attitude, which failed to cheer her up, causing her to internally call out to her mother. Moments afterwards, Shin appeared again with his father. Sasuke quickly appeared to aid Naruto against this enemy.

As Sasuke quickly faced off against the mysterious man, Sarada watched in awe when Sasuke quickly won the first scuffle, to which Naruto assured her that her father wasn't fighting seriously yet. The man then introduced himself as Shin Uchiha, shocking Sarada that he had the same name as his son. Adult-Shin then used his dōjutsu to manipulate Sasuke's sword into stabbing Naruto before he launched his blades at Sarada, forcing Sasuke to shield his daughter with his body. As adult-Shin went to strike again, Sakura appeared and quickly pummeled the man into submission. As Sakura began apologizing for not giving her an honest heart to heart conversation sooner, Sasuke insisted it wasn't her fault. Suddenly, the Sharingan creature appeared again, teleporting both Shin, his son and Sakura.

Afterwards, they headed to Orochimaru's hideout. Sarada asked Suigetsu to help her find out if Karin was her real mother. After running a DNA test from genetic samples retrieved from Karin's desk (which was Sarada's own umbilical cord) and Sarada's cheek, Suigetsu nonchalantly informed Sarada of her mother being Karin. After scolding Suigetsu, Naruto reminded Sarada that they were leaving to save her mother, only for her to reply in a fit of rage that Sakura was not her mother and that she wanted nothing to do with her. After a talk from Naruto, Sarada remembered moments with her mother, deciding she did want to save Sakura. With Sasuke's abilities awakened, he found Shin's hideout and manifested his Susanooto take them there. Observing her father's power, she concludes that while he may not be the best person, he was impressive. Upon arriving at their destination, Sarada began wondering how her father really felt about Sakura. Despite her concerns, Naruto gave her a comforting looking, making her realize she only needed to focus on saving her mother first.

They ultimately found Sakura engaged in battle with Shin. Sasuke quickly subdued Shin with Susanoo. As Sasuke checked on his wife's injuries, Sarada smiled with delight to see that her parents' love for each other was genuine. Shin then ordered his clones to distract the enemies while he escaped. Everyone watched in surprise as the clones all attacked him, with one of the clones simply explaining that they outgrew their need of him. Thousands of Shin clones of different builds and sizes then appeared. As Naruto and Sasuke fought them off easily, Shin attempted to escape and use his creature to capture Sarada and Chōchō. Sarada saw through this and quickly crushed the creature. She then joined the fight, amazing everyone by showcasing the same immense strength her mother learned to decimate the area and several Shin clones.

After the battle came to a close, Sarada was embraced by her mother who voiced her relief of Sarada being okay. Sakura explained that she was aware of Sarada's doubts and insisted that she was her mother. Sarada agreed, adding that the only thing that mattered was that their hearts were connected. Turning her attention to her father, she asked him if he truly believed that he was connected to her mother, which he confirmed by saying that both he and Sakura have Sarada as a daughter, moving the young Uchiha to tears. After leaving the Shin clones at the Konoha Orphanage, they returned to the village where they met up with Chōji Akimichi and Ino Yamanaka who had just returned from a mission. When Ino tried talking to Sasuke, Sarada interrupted her after mistakenly believing that the older kunoichi was attracted to her father, which amused Sakura.

That night, Sarada had her first family dinner with Sasuke. After an unknown amount of time, Sarada and Sakura met with Sasuke at the village gates as Sasuke prepared to leave to continue his mission. When Sarada showed sadness at the prospect of her father leaving again, Sasuke surprised her by pulling her into a hug before he affectionately poked her on the forehead saying that he would see her again soon, making Sarada smile. Sarada would look confused, as her mother leaned in to receive the same sort of affection from her father. She then waved goodbye to her father as he left. At the Academy, Sarada was approached by Boruto who thanked her for delivering the lunch to his father. Sarada replied, however, that it was she who should be thanking him for giving her the opportunity to realize her dream to become Hokage, which Boruto scoffed at. When she returned home, Sarada looked at the new photo that she had taken with both of her parents and smiled happily.

Boruto: Naruto the Movie

After becoming a genin, Sarada is assigned to Team Konohamaru with Boruto and Mitsuki. During a mission to capture a giant panda, Sarada gets into an argument with Boruto over whether it is a normal panda or an aggressive bear that looks like a panda. When Boruto shows off his prodigious talent and gets in the way of Sarada's attack by using multiple shadow clones, Sarada scolds him for being reckless and makes a resolution to herself not to lose to Boruto. After Konohamaru subdues the bear with the use of Kote, he gives them a demonstration of the device's abilities and uses it to create a Rasengan and launch it through the air, leaving Sarada and her team-mates greatly impressed.

However, the Rasengan actually veers off course and ends up destroying a farmer's house, angering the locals. When they report to Naruto after the mission, she becomes worried about Boruto after the boy argues with his father for always working and warns him to not miss Himawari's birthday party. Afterwards, Sarada and Mitsuki meet with Boruto and inform him that the Chūnin Exams will be starting soon. When Boruto declares that he does not want to take part in the Exams, he and Sarada get into an argument which results in Sarada scolding him by saying that he is getting the way of her achieving her dream to become Hokage. Boruto retorts that if she wants to be Hokage, she should spend the rest of her life alone otherwise it will cause issues for those around her.

Sarada realises that Boruto is simply upset because of his father not being able to spend enough time with him and tries to cheer Boruto up by encouraging him to take the Exams with them so that they can show their amazing abilities to Naruto. When asked by Boruto if she thought her father would watch her in the Chūnin Exams, Sarada said she doubted it. After briefly discussing Sasuke with her team-mates, Mitsuki says that his parent told him that Sasuke was the only person who could fight evenly with Naruto, causing both Sarada and Boruto to become curious about Mitsuki's parentage. However, just before Mitsuki can reveal to them who the parent is, Hinata and Himawari arrive to pick up Boruto for Himawari's birthday party.

As Boruto begins training with Konohamaru in order to learn the Rasengan, Sarada watches him from afar. After days of hard work, Sarada observes as Boruto shows Sasuke his new Rasengan, but when Sasuke comments on its small size, Boruto mistakes it as a sign of disappointment and runs off. Sarada confronts her father and explains to him that he doesn't know Boruto and that working hard is not something he does often and that it was a miracle he had even trained for as long as he did. However, Sasuke said he wasn't disappointed in Boruto and had decided to accept Boruto as his student, much to Sarada's delight. On the first day of the Chunin Exams, as Sarada prepared to head out, she was seen off by Sakura. Sarada noted that her mother seemed to be in higher spirits now that her father had come home, causing Sakura to blush and become embarrassed before saying that Sarada must be the happiest.

The first round of the Chūnin Exams is a true or false quiz on the fifth volume of a novel series. Sarada read the series but was unaware of a fifth volume but she asks Boruto what answer did he think her father would pick. He suggested false and Sarada, wanting to follow a different path than her father, opted to pick true. They are at first lead to believe that they have answered incorrectly when they find themselves falling down a pit with a lake of ink at the bottom. Sarada uses wire attached to a kunai to keep herself and Boruto from falling into the ink and points out that the ink spread across into the second pit as well and Sarada deduces the quiz was a sham all along because there is no fifth volume. They pass the first test. The second round had the genin teams fight each other, competing for flags. While Boruto stayed behind to protect their flag, Sarada and Mitsuki went on to obtain other teams' flags. Sarada became concerned for Boruto when he was attacked by another team of genin, but was relieved when he managed to defeat them. Using her Sharingan, she was able to see through a genjutsu that another team had placed around their flag and was able to retrieve it, thus securing victory for her team. When they regrouped, Sarada scolded Boruto for not acting happy but then she got in his face and commented that his eyes are bluer than Naruto's, causing him to blush and get embarrassed when Mitsuki came between them.

In the third round, she easily defeats her opponent, Tarui, and was embarrassed when Sakura proudly cheered for her from the audience. Sarada was impressed when Boruto defeated Shikadai, but was saddened and felt betrayed when she found out that Boruto has been cheating throughout the exam and is disqualified. When Momoshiki and Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki attack, Sarada and Mitsuki help evacuate children from the area and is saved by her father when she is nearly crushed by falling debris. Kinshiki attacks them soon after, however he was stopped by Shikamaru's Shadow Sewing Technique, allowing for Sasuke and Sarada to join Naruto and Boruto in facing Momoshiki. Upon seeing Momoshiki's impressive strength, Sarada becomes fearful of the new enemy and falls to her knees, causing Boruto to use a shadow clone to protect her. Naruto decides to deal with the enemies while himself while asking Sasuke to take care of Sarada and Boruto, before being captured. When Boruto woke up in the hospital, Sarada was relieved that he was alright but worried for him when he learned his father's fate. When Sasuke, Boruto and the rest of the Kage prepared to travel to a different dimension to rescue Naruto, Sarada joined her mother, Hinata, and Mitsuki to see them off and Sarada showed concern for Boruto. However, when he put on Sasuke's headband and announced his decision to rescue his father, Sarada smiled at him and he asked her to take care of everyone for him.

After Momoshiki and Kinshiki were defeated, Sarada remained a little angry at Boruto for cheating despite his many apologies to her. sarada and her teammates are given a mission to capture the giant panda that was running loose through the village. Sarada asks Boruto if he now wishes to become Hokage, to which Boruto says that he doesn't, but instead he wants to become a ninja like Sasuke who protects the village and Hokage from the shadows. He also goes on to say that he supports Sarada's dream and will protect her when she does become Hokage, which causes her to blush. Sarada, Boruto and Mitsuki then leap off of the Hokage Rock and into the air.

In the post credits, Sarada and Boruto capture the wild panda and Boruto finally asks Mitsuki who his parents are, to which the latter reveals he is the son of Orochimaru. Sarada is shocked and asks if Orochimaru is his mother or father, and Mitsuki says it doesn't matter, much to her confusion.


  • Sarada (サラダ) is the Japanese pronunciation of the French word "salade". Her name is also derived from Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of knowledge. It is also the name of Sarada Devi; wife and spiritual counterpart of Ramakrishna.
  • Sarada's name may also be a portmanteau of her parents' and uncle's names. "Sa" is for Sasuke and Sakura; "Ra" is for Sakura; "Da" is from the kanji of "Ta" from Itachi. Because of this, it is speculated that Sasuke chose the name Sarada for his daughter in honor of his late older brother.
  • Sarada is the first Uchiha to be born since the Uchiha Clan Downfall, which occurred when her father was 7-years-old.
  • Unlike her father Sasuke, who unlocked his Sharingan through intense fight-or-flight emotion (during his battle with Haku), Sarada unlocked hers through an intense love and desire to see her father.
    • Unlike her father, Sarada awaken the Two-Tomoe Sharingan in both eyes. Sasuke awaken the the Two-Tomoe Sharingan in one eye and other eye had a One-Tome Sharingan when reawakening the Sharingan, Saskue would later have the Two-Tomoe Sharingan in both eyes.
    • Due to Sarada awakening the Sharingan out of love and joy and not out hatered, fans expect that Sarada will awakened the Mangekyō Sharingan differently, or a different evolution to the Sharingan.
  • While skilled in Fire and Lightning jutsu, Sarada takes after her mother in being a grappler.
  • Unlike her mother, Sarada (at least in the anime) has no talent for Medical Ninjutsu.
  • Sarada's friendship with Boruto closely mirrors the one between their fathers; both argue all the time and call each other names. In contrast though, Sarada and Boruto's rivalry never rises to the point of hatred or physical confrontations, and they are able to quickly reconcile. Their friendship is also similar to the one between her mother and his father.
  • Although unconfirmed, Sarada may have a crush on Boruto due to her deep concern for him, her tendency to secretly follow him around, her strong belief in him, and the fact she deeply blushed when he promised to protect her.
  • Sarada is left-handed like her father.
  • If Sarada were to become Hokage, she would be the second female and the first Uchiha to become Hokage.
  • There is a running gag in the series in which Sarada teases her parents over the nature of their relationship:
    • In Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and Scarlet Spring, Sarada has a flashback regarding a conversation with her mother about her father and she innocently asked Sakura if she and Sasuke ever kissed. Sakura's shy response about being reminded of something better than a kiss made Sarada assume her mother was being "dirty".
    • In Boruto: Naruto the Movie, Sarada notes how happy her mother has been since her father came home and asks Sakura about this, to which Sakura gets embarrassed and denies it, but Sarada says she can see it through her.
  • Her English voice actress, Cherami Leigh is best known voicing as Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online, Patricia Thompson from Soul Eater, Biyomon, Maki Himekawa from Digimon Adventure tri., Natsumi Hinata from Sgt Frog, Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail, Elizabeth Midford from Black Butler and Himawari Kunogi from xxxHolic.
  • Sarada secretly following Boruto and watching him from a far in Naruto Chapter 700 and his training for the Rasengan during the Versus Momoshiki Arc is similar to what Hinata did with Naruto.
    • In the School Trip Arc, Boruto and Sarada watching the Oceanview is also similar to what her parents did during their first date.
  • She is the only child out of Naruto's friends to be born outside of the Hidden Leaf.
  • Sarada is one of the very few people who can do the Chidori along with her father and Kakashi.
  • Sarada and Boruto are the only members in their team to have a Dojutsu.

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