DOA5 Sarah Render

Sarah Bryant is a character form the Virtua Fighter video game series.


Sarah is the sister of racing driver Jacky Bryant and Western-style martial arts. She is kidnapped by Judgment 6 after she investigating a mysterious accident involving Jacky. However, She is brainwashed by J6 and ordered to kill her brother in the first and second World Fighting Championships, failing twice.

At the end of the second tournament, Jacky saved her, but her memory was completely erased. She found that the training helped to restore memory and enter the third game, hoping to help her remember. Later, Sarah completely restored her memory, but also remember what J6 did to her, including trying to kill her.

She entered the fourth tournament, faced and defeat Jacky, hoping to solve her past. She was very close but lost to her brother. She heard that he was entering the fifth tournament to destroy J6; she entered to defeat him and save Vanessa, her bodyguard from the last tournament. But this suggests that J6 is expecting her...


  • She with Jacky in the earlier games, but then Divergent Character Evolution set in and she began using a blend of Savate, Taekwondo, Karate and various other stances and attacks including her Flamingo stance.


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