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Heroine Overview

No. You don't get to do this to me, and then expect me to stop. Every night, I was put in that fucking cage. They put me in there, grabbed my hand, and held my fingers over a candle to make my nails hard as rock. Then, they filed tooth and nail so I could fight with them. Almost. Every. Night.

And you wanna know the fucked up part? They made me enjoy it. Tearing off limbs was the only real "interaction" I had with people. My life was either "cage" or "fight." And I did my damned best in the fighting 'cause… it'd make my time in the cage go by easier.

That kind of thing… it fucks you up. It fucks you up good… Can I leave? I don't know what else you want me to tell you.
~ Agent Crowely in "Interview PH-SC-TAN-45-1903".
I don't know what I'd do if I lost you, Kitten. I'd sooner tear this world apart, bit by bit. I… don't think I have the words. I just want you to be happy. More than anything… Just… Thank you.
~ Sarah to Stuart in "Better Days".
She always loved the snow.
~ Stuart Hayward about Sarah in "The Old Ice".

Agent Sarah Crowely, also known as SCP-2792 and Sari, is one of the protagonists of the SCP Foundation mythos. She was originally one of the animals inhabiting the Garden of Eden alongside other animals who could change their form. After a war broke within the animals due to their Maker's decision, she alongside her lover Siuward sided with the animals still loyal to the Maker before dying and reincarnating as humans who would go on to work for the SCP Foundation. She alongside Stuart Hayward are the main protagonists of the "Pitch Haven" series.



Sari was originally one of the intelligent animals created by the Maker and inhabiting the Garden of Eden which would be designated SCP-2746-1. She and Siuward were members of the fourteen "crafters", demiurges who were capable of changing forms and creating entire races and were above the "scholars", servants to the crafters, and the "honorables", who made up the majority of the animal population. She was a student and eventual lover of Siuward with whom lived happy with the other animals under the rule of king Fredrick and queen Agathos, until fellow crafter the Serpent gave the humans access to the fruits of the Tree of Knowledge. Although Fredrick punished the Serpent, the Maker decided to not only punish humanity by banishing them out of Eden, but also punished the animals by taking away their self-sustenance, forcing them to find food in order to "keep their sanity". This angered the king and queen who alongside other animals decided to rebel against their Maker and overthrow him.

However, Sari and Siuward stayed loyal to the Maker and alongside the other loyal animals fought against the rebellion who would be called the "Furies of Eden". The civil war came to be known as "Event Nachash" and Sari and Siuward became the new king and queen of Eden and during the war they tried to rationalize with Fredrick and Agathos, but they were rebuffed. During the final attack on the kingdom Fredrick and Agathos assaulted Sari by burning her face, but thankfully Siuward used his song to paralyze the former rulers, allowing the royal guard to apprehend them. Following their capture the loyal animals regretfully punished the rebels by eternally crucifying them outside of Eden and banishing them to Hell, that would eventually be known as SCP-6167, with Fredrick having his snout removed and his chest opened, Agathos being coated in white clay, having her eyes removed and blood replaced with holy water, Clovis having her left eye burned with a needle and transformed into a human whose body reflected her original body's injures, along with an added cut to her neck, and Alva having her tongue cut, butchered in multiple pieces which were then spiked and chained apart. Despite their victory however, Eden had been destroyed by the war and had become a graveyard which brought the surviving animals great sorrow, prompting all of them to leave the place for good except for Sari and Siuward who stayed behind because of their sense of duty, but eventually they decided to also leave Eden and commit suicide so they would reincarnate themselves as humans in order to have a much happier life.

Human Life

After killing herself Sari was reborn as a human girl in the Musashi Province of Japan in the year 1888, with no recollection of her previous life. At a very early age she was abducted from the orphanage she was held in by two American brothers, E████ and T█████ Crowely, who named her Sarah and used her for their illegal bar fights, treating her more like a rabid dog rather than a child. The brothers taught her how to fight and forced her to face grown man at the age of seven, and when not fighting they would lock her in a cage. They would burn her fingers with candle in order to make them as hard as a rock and they only let her out of her cage during fights every night, until one night after nearly killing her latest opponent she finally had the courage to attack the brothers and attempt to escape. The public left the bar in alarm and Sarah took the chance to finally escape that torment.

As years went on a now adult Sarah became a Military Police investigator, and Protective Service Specialist for the United States which eventually allowed her to be employed by the SCP Foundation. After becoming an agent for the Foundation in early 20th century she was stationed on Site-45 in Las Vegas where she assisted in containing various connected anomalies alongside other personnel like Dr. Hayward, with the latter developing a close relationship with Crowely. When a ship was wrecked at the V███████ harbor, Crowely and other personnel investigated the wreck where she discovered SCP-1913-1, the reborn form of Agathos, and brought her into the Foundation custody. However, this led to SCP-1913-2 and SCP-1913-3, the mangled bodies of Clovis and Fredrick, to attack the site containing 1913-1, forcing personnel to transport the cat-like sculpture via a vehicle which was also attacked by 1913-2 and 1913-3. This led to the formation of Convoy Omega-8, a team dedicated solely to the transport of 1913-1 and the capture of 1913-2 and 1913-3 which included Crowely and Dr. Stuart Hayward. During their supplying at Site-45-A the team was once again attacked by the duo, which prompted Crowley and Hayward to get hold of 1913-1 and try to arrive to the roof so they could evacuate, but accidentally ended up at a random lab where they got ambushed by the duo. They at first didn't attack them, but after Hayward tried to retaliate by throwing a telescope at them 1913-3 ordered 1913-2 to kill Hayward, but they stopped when coming across some rocks made out of sulfur. This allowed the Foundation to finally detain the entities and classify them as Euclid, while Hayward was put under intensive care for one month.

In the 40s when the Foundation got the custody of SCP-1903, a girl named Jackie Barter who was affected by an infohazardous mutation, Crowely under the guise of a private investigator interviewed 1903’s former boss, A███ Donnar, who told her that a man named A██████ F████ and his wife frequently interacted with 1903 prior to her transformation. This information led to Crowely being infected by the effects of SCP-1903 and develop an organic mask, and following her infection she became part of the Internal Security Department as a member of Strike Team 45-A.

Death and Resurrection

Sometime in 1960, Floor 24 of Site-45 became affected by Anomalous Item #: 00553, a bulb that remained permanently lit, it was transformed into some sort of habitat designated SCP-1619 which was inhabited by SCP-1619-1, SCP-1619-1-A, SCP-1619-2-A, SCP-1619-2-B and SCP-1619-2-C. In 14th March of 1960, Crowely and Hayward, who had also been infected by 1903’s effects, were sent alongside a team to explore the anomaly. They were equipped with several domesticated instances of SCP-1619-2-C which were capable of killing the hostile instances of SCP-1619-1. However, their cover was quickly blown, causing the instances of 1619-1 to attack. After some days, Crowely's leg became contaminated by some paint of 1619-1 causing it to slowly melt, before Hayward and Sampson cleared the wound by urinating on it. Despite this, Crowely's leg lost a lot of flesh leaving it be gangrened, and because of this Crowely became a burden to Sampson and Hayward. Although Hayward refused to let her die, Sampson decided to kill her himself because she was slowing them down, causing Hayward to threaten him and forcing him to find the exit on his own. The corpse of Crowely then began to slowly be absorbed by SCP-1619-1-A, while Hayward simply watched her, since he was unable to do anything.

Following her death, Agatha White of Prometheus Labs, Inc., a technological company created by the Furies after escaping SCP-6167, created a rabbit doll which was used to contain the new semi-corporeal body of Crowely. She was put under the care of Dr. Alva who was ordered to tranquilize Crowely to an induced coma and continually monitor her, with the intention of releasing her after Hayward's own death and resurrection. However, Alva was unable to get over the punishment that Sari and Siuward had ordered on her, so she took the opportunity to beat her unconscious plush body whenever she wanted. Things eventually escalated as Alva decided to inject Crowely with tetrodotoxin in way that it would make it seem that she was asleep, but in reality Crowely would be awake but paralyzed, allowing her to feel the beatings delivered by Alva. Thankfully, Agatha found out about this and properly punished Alva, and after Hayward finally died in 1998 she and the Prometheus' employees allowed the Foundation to contain Crowely.

The Foundation found Crowely inside an airtight case in the Mojave Dessert on the 20th December of early 21st century, and designated her as SCP-2792-2 and the doll possessed by her as SCP-2792-1, before figuring out that Crowely and 2792-2 were the same person after reading some of Prometheus' documents. In light of this discovery, the Foundation had a doctor who was a former friend of Crowely, to conduct an interview, but due to her mental trauma as a result of Alva's abuse she was unable to give full insight of what had happened to her while contained by Prometheus Labs. In her second interview, Crowely was able to properly explain what had transpired, but after demanding to know what had happened to Hayward the doctor informed her that he had been turned into SCP-2999-B by Prometheus as well and was tricked by Clovis who masqueraded herself as Crowely. After hearing this, a saddened Crowely begged the doctor to tell Hayward that she was back, to which the doctor was unsure if they would be allowed to do so.

Near the end of 2013, Hayward was able to breach containment and began wandering around the site, until he came across Crowely. Crowely was able to deduce that the creature resembling a cat was Hayward and tried to embrace him, but due to Clovis' manipulation Hayward was at first distrustful of the doll possessed by Crowely. Crowely eventually managed to convince Hayward that it was her and the two embraced one another and explained to each other their journeys while apart. However, after some time the alarm activated and a technician arrived to get hold of Hayward with the intention of taking him back to his containment cell as per protocol, momentarily separating the two lovers.

In 2020, Sarah fully remembered her past life as Crafter and was able to breach containment in order to find Stuart again. She was able to find him at the site's gym where they used to hang out. As they embraced each other Sarah told him about their original lives, but as she tried to sympathize with the Furies, Stuart freaked out as he refused to compare himself to the monsters that their former friends had become and thought that Sarah wasn't the real one but an impostor as before. He used the site's speakers to stunt Sarah in order to escape her, leaving Sarah alone holding a crumbled box which contained their wedding rings.


Sari prior to becoming human, resembled a white rabbit, although just like the other animals of Eden she was capable of changing her form. Near the end of Event Nachash, Sari was partially burned by Fredrick, but is unknown which part of her body was burned. After being reincarnated as a human, Sari had the appearance of a Japanese woman, standing at 1.97 m tall. Following her infection from SCP-1903, Crowely's face grew an organic white rabbit mask which somewhat resembled her previous form. After becoming SCP-2792-2, Crowely was able to possess SCP-2792-1, a grinning white rabbit doll with red hands and legs, black button eyes, and gauze cloth wrapped around its head, neck, and wrists, and was composed primarily of polyester cotton.

Powers and Abilities

In her previous life as a demiurge crafter, Sari was seemingly immortal and a powerful reality-bender who helped construct Eden, and was also affiliated with the blizzard, being capable of manipulating the weather. After reincarnating as a human, Sarah lost all of her powers and at a very early age was forced by the Crowely brothers to fight against grown man to near death every night. This coupled with the torture done by the brothers caused Crowely to develop an animalistic fighting style when fighting, and due to her nature she was able to win every time. As an adult, Crowely became an experienced and strong agent for the US and the Foundation, being skilled in firearm and espionage. As SCP-2792-2, Crowely became a semi-corporeal entity, being capable of passing through walls and still interacting with objects, and could possess the doll designated SCP-2792-1 and use it as a functional body which could move at a speed of 4 km/h. The doll possessed a body temperature of -210° C and along with Crowely can cause their entire area of a 72km radius to drop at -45° C on average, often developing blizzards or even snowfall. Because of her nature, Crowely is able to manipulate this property, but not completely due to her having forgotten her experience of her previous life coupled with her poor mental health. She cannot get away from 2792-1 for more than 5 meters because when she does so she would be transported inside it.


In her previous life, Sari was shown to be kind, compassionate and loyal their Maker. She seemed to dearly love her friends and fellow animals, and she especially loved her partner Siuward. Despite being the one who gave the orders to punish the Furies, she and Siuward deeply regretted this action, because they still felt sympathy for their former friends. As Sarah Crowely, she was described as self-assertive, persistent, and determined to complete every task that was given to her, but when remembering her traumatic past and torment caused by the Crowely brothers she became angry and refused to elaborate on the matter which eventually led to her applying with the site's therapy group and often drinking. She was not afraid of expressing her opinions and was determined to complete her tasks. However, due to her traumatic experiences Crowely has a very poor mental health, as demonstrated when failing to control the temperature, but still tries to be strong and not let her mental issues to get in her way. She loved the cold and the snow, and hated the hot temperature and dirtiness of Las Vegas. After she was reunited with Siuward, who had become Stuart Hayward, the two fell deeply in love with each other all over again, spending time together as much as possible and she loved his voice and the songs which Stuart sang. She and Stuart also supported their fellow personnel Dr. Harold Crot about his transgender nature.


  • While fighting for the brothers, they would refer to Sarah of Chinese origin, since it was easier to sell her as Chinese rather than Japanese.
  • When Crowely died inside SCP-1619, the painting that manifested from her absorbed remains showed that her most favorite moment in her life was celebrating alongside Hayward who is seen playing an acoustic guitar during the celebration.
  • In 2014, Crowely and Hayward would be 126 years old each.
  • Sarah is one of the few Foundation employees who have been turned into SCPs.
  • Acacia, Stuart's grandmother who possessed knowledge about the animals, somehow knew of the miserable life Crowely was experiencing at the time as she sometimes drew her inside a cage.
  • Sarah could play piano.


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