Sarah Whittle is the deuteragonist of the 1995 fantasy film, Jumanji. She is portrayed by Bonnie Hunt as an adult and Laura Bell Bundy as her younger self.


Sarah was first seen in 1969 as a 12-year-old girl giving her best friend Alan back his bike (after her boyfriend and his gang stole it from Alan) and she and Alan began playing a mysterious board game called, "Jumanji". After Alan begins his first turn, he is sucked into the game as Sarah is chased by bats.

Twenty-six years later in 1995, after Alan was released out of the board game by two orphan children named Judy and Peter, Alan lets Sarah to continue to play the game along with Judy and Peter as vines appear and the villainous game hunter, Van Pelt tries to shoot Alan and a stampede wrecks the house.

She, Judy, and Peter battled Van Pelt after Peter transforms into a monkey while trying to cheat and Alan being taken away by a police officer (his old friend from his dad's shoe factory) and she, Alan, Judy and Peter continued playing the game as a monsoon floods the house along with two crocodiles and the flood lets out, and large venomous spiders appear, and an earthquake destroys Alan's home. After Alan finishes the game and Van Pelt is sucked back into the board game along with the rest of the jungle element, she and Alan have found themselves back in 1969 as children again and the two begin a relationship after throwing the "Jumanji" board game into the river. She gives Alan a kiss, something she wanted to finally do, and they start dating each other at some point thereafter as well as altering the future.

In the present day, she and Alan are now married and are expecting their first child together. They meet Judy and Peter and their parents, and give them their Christmas presents. She and Alan convince Judy and Peter's dad to start work at the shoe factory instead of going on their skiing trip they had planned out previously as Judy and Peter's dad agrees, thus preventing them from their deaths in the previous timeline at the end of the film.

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