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Sasha is a Blue Moon CO and a protagonist in the video game Advance Wars: Dual Strike. She is the older sister of Colin and a member of the Allied Nations forces stationed in Omega Land.


Sasha was among the Allied Nations COs sent to Omega Land to deal with Black Hole's operations there along with her younger brother Colin. She seemed to have feelings for the Orange Star CO Jake.

At the end of the game, after Black Hole and the Bolt Guard have been defeated, Sasha goes to talk with Jake at the top of the hill he used to look off of. Jake laments how, though they defeated Von Bolt, they weren't able to restore life to Omega Land but Sasha comforts him by saying he did well.

However, the two then notice a flower still growing on the hill and realize that life may come back. Hawke then used Von Bolt's chair to restore the rest of Omega Land's green fields, giving Omega Land its life back and granting Jake and Sasha's wish.


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