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"You may look, but no touch."
~ Sasha

Sasha Ivanoff also known as Sasha is one of the main characters of the video game, Anarchy Reigns.

Role in the story

Sasha is part of the Strike One detachment. Along with Leo and Nikolai she is tasked to kill Maximillian Caxton, the former leader of Strike one. She had previously worked under Max along with Nikolai and Leo as he was their mentor, until his wife was murdered by someone using Cybrid arts - believed to be Max himself. Like Leo, she wants to capture him alive in order to help him though his mental instability.

Background and Personality

"Sasha Ivanoff is a woman of icy intelligence, fast-tracked into the Milvallen Ministry of Justice's Bureau of Public Safety despite her youth. After a mere two years on the force, she joined the High Crimes Division and was later scouted by the elite Strike One detachment.

Remarkably multi-talented, Sasha serves the Bureau with both brilliant analytical skills and mastery of BPS combat techniques. When armed with her Snow Spikes and the latest BPS nanomachine-equipped suit, Sasha's combat potential can surpass even cyborgs and mutants." - In game profile.

Normally cold and analytical towards other people, Sasha shows her emotions when it comes to her team. Usually annoyance with Nikolai. She seems to have a sense of overprotectiveness towards Leo shown through her defending him from Jack Cayman and standing between him and Leo even when she was about to be cut in half. This could be a possible sign that she has feelings for him.

Attributes and Skills

Quick and relentless, Sasha employs a barrage of light but speedy strikes and kicks. Her KW moves can be considered projectiles as she does not attack with any weapon attached to her. Her KW-L extends into a maximum four-hit combo finishing with a powerful downward spike. Her KW-H is an immolating forward mass of ice.

Her 360 degree attack has a very long start-up time- when coupled with Spin Master she is very able to wear down Rampaging opponents. Her Reverse Approach grab is MadWorld brutal, seeing her handstand above her opponent's shoulders and drop her array of Ice Spikes like a guillotine on the opponents head.

Unfortunately Sasha is very much a 'Glass Cannon', able to dish out punishment in spades but rather unable to take it. She makes up for this by having a very good KW gauge charge rate.

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