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Satan  is one of the main characters who appears in the fantasy comedy movie Little Nicky.

He is the father of Little Nicky and his son who is half-demon, half-angel, as well the father of his two villainous sons Cassius and Adrien who are the antagonists of the movie. He is also the father-in-law of Valerie Veran.

He is portrayed by Harvey Keitel.


Satan is a demon who resides in Hell, he is an terrifying demon along with another demon of hell, he has three sons, the son is Little Nicky who is kind and gentle when two of his son Cassius and Adrian are bad guys who had created a real Hell on Earth, he sends his good son Nicky with Mr. Beefy, a hell bulldog on a mission to take down Cassius and Adrian. Because of the fact that Adrian and Cassius left Hell and sealed the fire gate, he starts falling apart.

Satan has friendly terms with the angels and God who reside in Heaven and he wishes that he will not harm people in Heaven and Earth in order to make peace between humans, living beings and the angels. After Cassius and Adrian went imprisoned by his flask, he lets his son to go on Earth when this latter married an human and they have a infant son who is quarter-demon, quarter-angel, half-human and has the ability to fire-breath at those who tried to tickle it so far.