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Satoshi Hojo is a supporting character of the Higurashi: When They Cry series. He is the older brother of Satoko Hojo and is called "Nii-Nii" by her. Satoshi himself is not present through the majority of the series but is the initiator of many of the events that take place in his absence, namely the serial murders committed in Watanagashi-Hen and Meakashi-Hen.

He is voiced by Yuu Kobayashi in the original Japanese dub of the anime, and Darrel Guilbeau in the English dub of the anime (only for the first season). The former of which also voiced Dan Kuso, Mahiru Koizumi and Sasha Braus.

Character Summary

Satoko and Satoshi lost their parents, their mother and step-father, after their accident on the night of the Watanagashi Festival. After their parents' death, Teppei Hojo and Tamae Hojo, were forced to take care of Satoko and Satoshi, but instead, abused them.


Satoshi has yellow hair, like his sister; Except it is short since he is the "brother". His eye colors are also different, he has red violet eyes. He is only seen to wear his school uniform. It is a white shirt, black pants, and black shoes. He somewhat seems to have a resemblance to Keiichi Maebara.


Satoko Hojo Satoko is Satoshi's younger sister. Before Satoshi disappeared from his town, he loved and cared about Satoko, and would do anything to protect her. In Meakashi-hen, after Satoko was broken mentally by Tamae, he kills her in order to protect his sister.

Shion Sonozaki Shion is Satoshi's crush. When Satoshi and Shion (under the disguise of Mion Sonozaki) first met, Shion thought he was very kind and started to fall in love with him. But then, After Satoshi disappeared, Shion started going berserk and turned into a psychopath killing everyone, including Satoshi's sister, Satoko, in order to "avenge" Satoshi's "death".

Mion Sonozaki Satoshi also has a good relationship with Mion. They both appear to be good friends.

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