Satoshi Isshiki (, Isshiki Satoshi?) is one of the main characters of Shokugeki no Soma. He is a 91st Generation student of Tōtsuki Culinary Academy, a resident of Polar Star Dormitory and the former 7th seat of the Elite Ten Council.


Satoshi is a handsome young man with curly, medium-length brown hair with an ahoge. His cyan blue eyes are sometimes closed or half-open, displaying his carefree and benevolent attitude.

While he does wear the standard Tōtsuki uniform at times, he most often appears in the nude, wearing nothing but an apron or assorted undergarments, even while under the hot sun in the Polar Star Garden. Satoshi only wears his full uniform during important events, such as an Elite Ten Council Meeting or a school function. When conducting business meetings, Satoshi wears a full dress suit.

Satoshi seemingly has the ability to instantly switch from his usual school uniform to his fundoshi, much to everyone's shock.


Satoshi is the representative for the Polar Star Dormitory. He cares deeply for his fellow residents at the dorm, defending them when people look down on them. At times, he is comical and silly especially while he's in the dormitory, usually walking around nude or in very little clothing as a gag in the dorm. However, this may be more of a natural habit as he often works in the field with only a fundoshi on and even sleeps naked. His carefree attitude makes him well liked by the residents of Polar Star and is sometimes a source of frustration for his opponents in cooking duels. He is not overly ambitious and does not seek to claim fame of any sort. Even though he is the 7th Seat of the Elite Ten Council, Nene Kinokuni stated that the only reason she holds the higher seat is because Satoshi does not desire to take it from her, despite her admittance that he is the better chef between the two.

Behind his benevolence and slack personality, however, is a serious and cunning opponent. Satoshi tends to hold back during casual challenges against opponents clearly under his skill level. While his focus and tenacity made him an Elite Ten member, his cooking skills and cunning tactics kept him there. Despite this, however, he is reluctant to accept any Shokugeki challenged to him by his fellow Polar Star dorm mates. Satoshi knows his juniors better than anyone and expresses deep faith in their abilities.

During challenges and Shokugekis, Satoshi remains cool and nonchalant, completely ignoring all insults thrown at him. However, should someone insult Polar Star or its residents, Satoshi becomes incredibly serious and shows very little mercy to his opponents. Even when he has assured victory over an opponent, he will not stop pestering them until they properly apologize.

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