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Satsuki Kusakabe is one of the main protagonists in the 1988 animated Studio Ghibli film, My Neighbor Totoro as well as the elder sister of Mei Kusakabe.

Personality and Bio

Satsuki, like all sisters, can get rather angry at her sister, Mei, such as at the end of the film when they find out that their mother won't be coming home from the hospital for the weekend. Satsuki likes to think of herself as grown-up and caring for her sister. She is very lively, although not quite as lively as Mei. Satsuki is a good sister on the whole and looks after Mei to the best of her ability despite being upset about their ill mother.

Ever since her mother was admitted to the hospital, she has had to face a massive amount of responsibility. She is a very open-minded person and possesses the innocence of a child, as shown by her quick acceptance of Totoro and the other magical creatures and events, as well as her ability to see them. However she also has a mature side, in the way she cares for Mei and acts like a temporary mother figure, as well as being a sister.

Satsuki is a very outgoing and dynamic individual, able to make friends and adapt quickly to her surroundings, she's typically cheerful and adventurous.


Satsuki wears a yellow shirt and orange overalls (though in the first half, her outfit had shorts/a skirt held up by suspenders though she retains her shirt). In the second half, she has a yellow dress. During the credits, her outfit involves bigger overalls and a longer-sleeved shirt.




  • Satsuki slightly resembles Adeleine (and Ado to a lesser extent) from the Kirby series due to her hairstyle.
  • Her name is Japanese for the month May. Coincidentally, her sister was named after a phonetic reading of the month May.


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