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The Savinis from left to right: Douglas Brazelle, Zadie Wells, Kinsey Locke, Dodge, Scot Cavendish.

The Savini Squad are the supporting characters of the Locke & Key Netflix adaption. Founded by Scot Cavendish, they dedicated themselves to cinematography.


Naming the cause for the famous Tom Savini, Scot brought the Savini Squad together to focus primarily on cinematography, initially bringing only Doug and Zadie under his wing. Scot determinedly recruited Kinsey upon her arrival in Matheson. Upon being introduced to the others, Kinsey joked that they will be more like Savini Couple if they have one member less, to which Zadie suggested that The Savini Dyad had a "nice ring" to it. Dodge was the fifth member to join, although Scot would sometimes treat her like a child. The Savinis ultimately integrated into the Keepers of the Keys, although it is unclear just how involved Doug and Zadie were.


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