Save the Rebellion! Save the dream.
~ Saw Gerrera

Saw Gerrera was the second in command to his sister of the Onderon Rebellion that helped free his planet from the Separatists.

In The Clone Wars, he was voiced by Andrew Kishino. In Rogue One and Rebels, he was played and voiced by actor and director Forest Whitaker.


Saw Gerrera lead the Onderon Rebels in their formative era. He and Lux Bonteri requested assistance from the Jedi, who agreed to train them. During the rebel victory, Saw shot down a Separatist gunship that crashed near his sister Steela Gerrera, causing her to fall off a cliff to her death.

Saw later became a key figure in the Rebellion against the Empire. Because of his more extreme methods Saw and the Rebel High Command had a falling out, after which Saw went independent on the moon Jedha.

He then raised Jyn Erso as his protege and sort of like his daughter after her father was taken by the empire and her mother was killed by Deathtroopers. 15 years later after Jyn left his own rebellion, a empire defect named Bodhi Rook came to search for him near the Holy City to deliver a message from Galen Erso, Saw at first did not trust him and let the creature Bor Gullet to torture to see if he was telling the truth. After the creature tortures Bodhi and looks at the message sent to him by Galen, he is reunited with Jyn who came to Jedha to find out what the message was. After a brief argument, Saw shows Jyn the message from her father about how to destroy the new weapon by the empire which was called the Death Star as it attacks and destroys the Holy City as the explosion comes near the base of his rebels. Saw then tells Jyn to go with Cassian and their new allies to escape and save the rebellion and stop the empire.

Saw died when the Holy City was destroyed by a low power blast from the Death Star.


My child! Come. Come. We have a long ride ahead of us.
~ Saw to a young Jyn
You were the daughter of an Imperial science officer. People were starting to figure that out. People who wanted to use you as a hostage. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you.
~ Saw to Jyn
I'm not a terrorist. I'm a patriot. And resistance is not terrorism.
~ Saw Gerrera



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