Mini-Con Sawtooth

Sawtooth is predatory fish-like Weaponizer Mini-Con in Transformers: Robots in Disguise. He has a relationship with Fixit.


When Sawtooth and his felllow Mini-Cons were youth and genetically modified, they had been abducted and taken to the Darkmount's laboratory. When Starscream found them, he was going to try the theory that if all Weaponizer Mini-Cons were to powerlink with a single host, that host would surge in power to a level beyond that of a Prime. But they escaped, and then they joined the Decepticon Scavengers to get out of Cybertron. And when they came to Earth, they began to persuade the Decepticon Scavengers to find the source while finding a way to escape their own ways. And when Sawtooth met Fixit, he he believed he and Strongarm would be good allies because he and Fixit prevented the mountain from exploding. And when Decepticon Scavengers were looking for something from the bottom of the sea, he stole their ship with his fellow Mini-Cons. And then they headed to the Scrapyard to look for a high energy pulse generator. But when Fixit said it was destroyed, they left. And when they met Optimus Prime, they allied themselves with him and Bee Team. But when they fought against the Decepticon Scavengers, Starscream kidnapped six of them. And when he still kidnapped Tricerashot, he began to defeat his enemies. But Optimus and Bee Team managed to rescue them and defeat Starscream. And when Optimus left Earth, they then went looking for a home.



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