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~ Saxton Hale's catchphrase

Saxton Hale is a fictional Character who is part of the Team Fortress 2 universe. Saxton Hale is the president and CEO of Mann Co. A subsidiary of TF Industries.

He is a brawny muscular Australian with a hairy chest, tight fitting shorts, and a hat who is seen shirtless in an excerpt in a catalog that the spy orders spy gadgetry from.

He is the rumored tenth class and is believed to be more powerful than Chuck Norris.

He is voiced by J.B Blanc in Jungle Inferno trailer.


  • Superhuman strength - Saxton is superhumanly strong and can punch apart a yeti in one blow or instantly kill a man by merely punch them.
  • Superhuman endurance - His skin is resistant for him to charge through walls without injury.
  • Super jumping - He can jump at far distances.

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